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12 Best Sad Anime Movies Of All Time In 2022

Anime movies and series are becoming more and more popular. The reason behind this popularity is the storytelling in these anime. These Sad anime movies or shows realistically portray human emotions. This, however, can result in some heartbreaking and sad moments.

We will be focusing on anime movies in this article, more specifically sad anime movies. These movies usually deal with a very serious and mature theme. Such themes require special attention to detail. However, if these serious and heartbreaking themes aren’t handled with care the result can be disastrous.

Since there’s a plethora of anime out there, it often gets hard to choose which anime movie is the best for you. So if you are looking for some sad anime movies to watch then look no further. We have compiled a list of the top sad anime movies for you. Tackling major real-life issues with an animated flair prepare to grab the tissues as this video lists saddest anime movies that are guranteed to make you cry.

Best Sad Anime Movies

Usually, animated movies are made for children and feature light-hearted characters and storylines. However, in this list, you’ll find some really heartbreaking and sad anime movies that may make you cry. Moreover, the entries on this list aren’t necessarily ranked, it is just a general list.

So let’s jump right into the list.

18. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a fantasy and sci-fi film. The film revolves around Makoto, a high school student who gains the ability to travel back in time and utilizes it to make her life better. However, by doing so he is causing some irreversible consequences for herself and others.

This film serves as a sequel to the original novel it is based on. The plot is always interesting and never feels boring.

17. The Anthem of the Heart (2015)

This sad anime movie revolves around a young girl whose voice was mysteriously taken away so that she would never hurt others. However, this has a positive impact on her life when she discovers music and makes new friends.

Anthem of the Heart has a “heartwarming” story (no pun intended). The character development is simply amazing. Moreover, the music is simply beautiful. The unexpected ending will surely make you cry.

16. When Marnie Was There (2014)

The film is about Anna, age 12. She is sent to reside with her guardian’s family in the Japanese countryside due to her asthma. She enjoys being alone and sketching. However, she befriends Marnie, a mysterious boy.

This film is an absolute work of art. Everything from the music to the storytelling is beyond perfect. It is one of the better Studio Ghibli films in recent years.

15. Colorful (2010)

Colorful is one of the most saddest anime movies, thanks to its premise. The story revolves around a sinful soul being given the chance to prove himself worthy of reincarnation by possessing the body of a student who committed suicide.

Even though the film has a mature and difficult theme, it is handled in a very intricate manner. The film’s story is extremely powerful. The fantasy elements may seem a little off, however, it all makes sense in the end.

14. The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004)

The next sad anime film on this list is a sci-fi movie called The Place Promised in Our Early Days. It takes place in Japan which is divided into the Union-controlled North and the US-controlled South in an alternate reality.

This film has a lot of drama and has amazing visuals. The sci-fi concepts are a little convoluted but not too hard to understand. In conclusion, if you like drama you definitely need to watch this one.

13. Mirai (2018)

Mirai is the tale of a little boy who is saddened after the birth of his sister as he isn’t the center of attention anymore. He stumbles onto a mystical garden where he can travel through time and meet his relatives from various times. These adventures help him change his perspective.

It is a very sweet tale of sibling rivalry. Despite its flaws, the film will hit you with a wave of nostalgia which is enough to make anyone cry. Overall, Mirai is a delightful, emotional, and magical story about the bonds that bind families.

12. Flavors of Youth (2018)

Flavors of Youth is actually a Chinese anthology film. This sad anime movie revolves around the three distinct stories of three individuals. The film is split into 3 chapters and each chapter revolves around a different individual and his story.

Flavors of Youth is a thoughtful and often moving collection of stories about living your life in the now and appreciating life’s basic pleasures. In addition to the amazing storytelling, the film also has beautiful animation and quality voice acting,

11. 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007)

In this sad anime movie, we follow Takaki as he faces harsh winters and adult commitments and duties. Moreover, he is slowly drifting apart from his beloved Akari.

5 Centimeters per Second has lovely animation and a sentimental feeling throughout its runtime. Some people did not like the non-conclusive ending of the film, however, it is quite satisfactory in terms of the story.

10. The Garden Of Words (2013)

The Garden Of Words is the shortest movie on our list of sad anime movies.  The film takes place on a rainy day in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. A 15-year-old boy and a 27-year-old woman form an unlikely friendship.

This is the type of film that completely relies on beautiful visuals for its storytelling. It doesn’t have a lot of dialogues but the actual storytelling is being done through the magnificent visuals. The film also discusses some taboos but there’s a hint of innocence in it which makes it worth watching.

9. Weathering With You (2019)

Weathering With You is a fantasy drama film. It revolves around a high school boy who has fled to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to control the weather.

Everything about this film is fantastic, from the art to the animation to the soundtrack. Moreover, the film’s story is presented in such a beautiful manner that you’ll be hooked from the start. It is highly recommended.

8. Perfect Blue (1997)

Perfect Blue is a mystery/thriller film. It revolves around a celebrity who transitions from music to acting, however, she slowly loses her mind when she starts getting stalked by a ghost from her past.

This film is a hard-hitting psychological thriller. Famous director, Darren Aronofsky actually recreated this film’s scenes in Requiem for a Dream. This alone goes to show how beautifully made this film is. If you are looking to watch something truly depressing and thought-provoking then this is the film for you.

7. Wolf Children (2012)

Wolf Children revolves around Hanna who marries a wolfman. After her husband dies, Hana has to raise their two children on her own. She also needs to keep their secret hidden from society.

The premise of Wolf Children may sound a little childish but it is one of the best sad anime movies to this day. The starting of the film may be a little slow, however, once it picks up the pace, you’ll be hooked.




It’s getting more and more common to watch anime movies and television shows. The storyline in these anime is the primary factor in their appeal. These Sad anime movies or episodes accurately depict human feelings. This, however, may lead to some tragic and sad circumstances.

In this post, we’ll emphasize on anime movies, more particularly, on sad anime movies. These movies often cover a highly serious and adult subject. These subjects call for more care and attention to detail. However, if these sombre and tragic themes aren’t handled delicately, the outcome might be devastating.

It might be difficult to decide which anime film is perfect for you because there are so many of them available. So stop searching if you want to see some depressing anime movies. Here is a ranking of the best sad anime movies. Grab some tissues because this video covers the saddest anime movies that are certain to make you weep, each one of which tackles a pressing subject from real life with a dash of animation.

Top Sad Anime Films

Animated movies typically target young audiences and show levity in both the characters and the plots. A few of the sad and depressing anime movies on this list, however, may cause you to cry. Additionally, this list is only a broad list with no particular order to the contents. Therefore, let’s get right to the list.

The Young Girl Who Leaped Through Time (2006)

A fantasy and science fiction movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Makoto, a high school girl who discovers she has the capacity to go back in time, is the main character of the movie.

However, he is having some unavoidable effects on her and other people by doing so.

This movie acts as a follow-up to the novel on which it is based.

The story never seems dull and is constantly engaging.

The Anthem of the Heart, No. 17 (2015)

The protagonist of this depressing anime film is a little girl whose voice was inexplicably taken away to ensure that she would never harm others.

The discovery of music and the development of new friendships have a good effect on her life.

A “heartwarming” tale appears in Anthem of the Heart (no pun intended).

The character growth is absolutely phenomenal.

In addition, the music is exquisitely wonderful.

You’ll undoubtedly cry when you see how it all ends.

When Marnie Was Present 16. (2014)

Anna, who is 12 years old, is the subject of the movie.

Because of her asthma, she is moved to live with the family of her guardian in a rural area of Japan.

She likes drawing while she is alone herself.

But she makes friends with Marnie, a fascinating lad.

A true masterpiece, this movie.

Beyond wonderful in every way, including the music and the tale.

It is one of Studio Ghibli’s more notable recent productions.

15. Bright (2010)

Due to the concept of the film, Colorful is among the saddest anime movies.

A sinful spirit is given the chance to demonstrate his deservingness of reincarnation by taking over the body of a student who committed suicide in the plot.

Although the movie has a complex and adult issue, it is handled in a very detailed way.

The plot of the movie is quite compelling.

The fantastical components can seem a little strange at first, but everything makes sense in the end.

14. The Location Promised in Our Earlier Years (2004)

The sci-fi film The Place Promised in Our Early Days, which is the following depressing anime film on this list, is titled.

In an alternate universe, Japan is split into the US-controlled South and the Union-controlled North where the story takes place.

The tension in this movie is intense, and the graphics are stunning.

Though a little confusing, the science fiction themes are not too difficult to comprehend.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend seeing this if you enjoy drama.

13. Mirai (2018)

The story of Mirai is about a little boy who is upset that his sister was born and that now she is the centre of attention.

He finds a mysterious garden where he may travel through time and interact with ancestors from different eras.

He changes his outlook as a result of these experiences.

This story about sibling conflict is quite lovely.

Even with its imperfections, the movie will make you feel a flood of nostalgia that is enough to bring anyone to tears.

Mirai is an all-around lovely, touching, and beautiful tale about the ties that unite families.

Flavors of Youth, 12. (2018)

It’s a Chinese anthology movie called Flavors of Youth.

The three separate stories of three people are the centre of this depressing anime film.

There are three segments in the movie, and each one centres on a different person and his tale.

Flavors of Youth is a compilation of insightful and frequently emotional stories about enjoying the little joys in life and living in the present.

The movie also includes lovely animation and excellent voice acting in addition to its fantastic plot.

5. 11 centimetres per second (2007)

In this depressing anime film, Takaki is followed as he deals with a hard winter and adult responsibilities.

Additionally, he is gradually slipping away from his beloved Akari.

Throughout its whole running period, 5 Centimeters per Second offers gorgeous animation and a nostalgic atmosphere.

Although the movie’s non-conclusive ending was unpopular with some viewers, the plot itself found it to be extremely satisfying.

The Garden of Words, no (2013)

Our list of depressing anime films includes The Garden Of Words, which is the shortest film.

The movie is set in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden on a cloudy day.

A bond between a 15-year-old boy and a 27-year-old lady seems implausible.

This is the kind of movie that tells its tale entirely through stunning images.

The real tale is done through the stunning graphics rather than the little words.

Even if the movie touches on certain controversial subjects, it still has an air of purity, which makes it worthwhile to see.

Weathering With You 9. (2019)

The movie Weathering With You is a fantasy drama.

A high schooler who has fled to Tokyo encounters a girl who seems to have influence over the weather in the story’s plot.

From the artwork to the animation to the audio, this movie excels in every way.

Additionally, the movie’s narrative is presented in such a stunning way that you’ll be engrossed right away.

It is highly advised.

Eight. Perfect Blue (1997)

A mystery/thriller movie is Perfect Blue.

It centres on a superstar who switches careers from music to acting; nevertheless, as she begins to experience stalking by a ghost from her past, she gradually becomes insane.

This movie is an intense psychological suspense thriller.

Requiem for a Dream, directed by Darren Aronofsky, has moments from this movie that were truly reproduced.

This alone demonstrates the excellent production value of the movie.

This movie is for you if you want to watch something that will really make you feel bad and make you think.

Seven. Wolf Kids (2012)

Hanna, who weds a wolfman, is the protagonist of Wolf Children.

Hana must raise their two kids by herself after her spouse passes away.

She also has to hide their secret from the general public.

Wolf Children is one of the finest sad anime movies to date, despite its somewhat innocent-sounding concept.

Although the movie’s beginning may seem a little sluggish, as it picks up the pace, you’ll be captivated.


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