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15 Best AirScreen Alternatives in 2022 – Tech Station

Your smartphone and AirScreen together are the most incredible.  Links to free downloads are now easy to find on the internet and can be put on your Android phone without cost. In this post, the best and most demanding AirScreen alternatives are discussed. AirScreen is one of the best apps for Android phones and tablets because it supports a wide range of wireless transmission protocol receivers in a lot of ways. The Air Screen app has an intuitive user interface and a rapid reaction time.

With the aid of this software, smartphone users may connect to their friends and family’s local networks to enjoy streaming media on a big screen.  AirScreen further supports the screen-sharing mechanism.  After sharing the screen, users of smartphones and tablets may start sharing and streaming a range of multimedia content over huge displays.

What is AirScreen?

With Airscreen, users will have greater flexibility than with Chromecast.  You can effortlessly cast media to TVs and Android devices with Airscreen.  Therefore, in this case, you must first connect your Android device to your TV.  After that, let it be cast media.  After all, your TV’s large screen allows you to watch your favorite program. A user-friendly application is AirScreen.  Therefore, everyone can handle it without any problems or specialized expertise.  After installing the program, you may use it to cast media, and by adjusting the parameters, you can get the finest playback possible.  With the help of your smart Android device, all those amenities are now possible.

The superior Chromecast alternative is Airscreen. It is a great alternative to Chromecast, but it has more benefits than Chromecast because it saves time and money. You must first connect all of your devices to the WiFi network in order to establish a connection with AirScreen.  Here, one WiFi network should be used to link all the devices. The AirScreen app must then be launched.  The next step is to choose the content you want to cast.  Another crucial aspect of this is that the chosen cast must support Chromecast.  You may now choose from media sources like Twitch, Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and more.  The last step is to touch on AirScreen to start the media playing automatically after choosing the option to cast from your smart Android device.

15 Best AirScreen Alternatives

It works with a wide variety of operating systems and supports a number of protocols for wireless transmission. In addition to many other features, the app lets you record your screen, talk in a secure way, and change the way things look. Additionally, it supports many apps.

1. My nScreen

My nScreen

This app uses cloud technology, which makes it possible for smartphones and smartTVs to talk to each other and share information. It is an application that lets you share media, uses a remote, and do a lot of other things across multiple screens. Another option for an airscreen is this.  Users of this software can easily share any multimedia files with friends and family members from their smartphone to smart TV thanks to a media sharing mechanism. The remote-controlling feature of My nScreen lets people use their smartphones as remote controls for their smartTVs.

With My nScreen, you’ll be able to enjoy the TV’s large screen and great sound effects to the fullest. The primary features and abilities of this unique program are media sharing, a TV remote control system, and sharing of YouTube videos to smartTVs, among many other things.

2. All Screen

All Screen

Using our own video syndication method, which works with a variety of devices, the premium content is effectively given to the target customers on multiple screens at the same time. The main benefit of the All Screen app is that it connects people to interesting content on multiple devices. All Screen supports Apple TV, Roku, Kodi, sometimes known as XBMC, Android TV, smart TVs with DLNA and UPNP capabilities, and many more devices are compatible with the All Screen software.

The UPNP library, Google Plus Photos, Dropbox, Google Drive, and a few more sites are just a handful of the areas where users of the All Screen software may access media assets.  The only devices that presently support subtitles are Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast. The playlist layout of this program also accommodates both photographs and videos.  One of this application’s unique functions, which most users aren’t aware of, is that it’s also used for broadcasting and live to stream.

3. AirWire


Users may connect to any network-capable tablet or smartphone using the highly developed software, AirWire.  To play any multimedia file, just choose the necessary file and hit the play button. If you’ve created any playlists on your device, you may quickly start listening to multimedia content, such as movies, music, TV shows, and even images, on a big-screen TV, PC, laptop, gaming console, and many other devices with AirWire.

You just need to install the app on any tablet or smartphone you own. Using AirWire is quite simple because there are just a few steps required. You just need to connect the tablet or phone to the network once before you can select a file. AirWire is completely compatible with almost all players, stereos, TVs, and other gadgets that make use of contemporary multimedia transmission standards. AirWire does not require any additional tools at all.

4. CastBox


A novel method of casting online videos to Chromecast devices is provided by CastBox.  As a result, you may uninterruptedly view movies.  The ability for users to control their video stream while casting their videos is one of CastBox’s key features.  With the help of this simple tool, smartphone users may stream media files from their Android devices to any Chromecast. Whenever you want, you can use the app to stream videos, music, movies, and even photos from an Android phone to a TV.  CastBox can open a variety of file formats, including MPEG and MP4.  It makes it possible to broadcast videos and movies to the TV from any device. The app supports tens of thousands of radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, talk shows, and much more, all in one place.

5. Gallery Cast

Gallery Cast

Images and videos from smartphones are shown for free on the Windows operating system and smart TV via Gallery Cast.  It has a lot of modern features and functions, like a zooming system and the ability to use Android phones to control video playback on Windows or smartTV. The software assists in making Android devices capable of remote control. It works with most RAW file formats and a lot of different types of multimedia files. This program uses AirPlay, Google Cast, DLNA, or UPNP to interact with other devices, including Blu-ray players, smart TVs, PCs, and even media centers.  Another option for an airscreen is this.

Some of the most interesting features and functions of this app are support for Apple TV and Chromecast, remote picture and video playback, pinch-zooming and remote photo moving, easy remote display selection, and support for reading from mounted media.
Additionally, it includes support for camera raw files, media information display, Nexus Media Importer support, and experimental Google Cloud Print support. It also offers a way of converting photographs to screen resolution.

6. T-Cast


Another option for an airscreen is this.  A simple software called T-Cast makes it possible to use a smartphone as a remote control to access a smartTV.  Users of this smart TV application may control their TV using a smartphone. One of the unique features and abilities of this program is the use of the smartphone to control the smart TV.  Users can watch the most recent movies and TV shows on the big screen, as well as transfer photos, music, videos, and other multimedia content from their smartphones to the smartTV. For the readers’ information, your TV and your smartphone must be on the same WLAN for a connection to work.

The casting system of T-video Cast works with the majority of TV models.  If you’re looking for an application that’s simple to use and enables you to share your content on a big screen, this is it.  One of the better apps for this purpose is T-Cast, which enables you to broadcast that entertainment to the big screens of your TVs as well.

7. Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV

Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV

Users of the Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV app for smartphones can quickly cast HD movies from a variety of sources, including local content on tablets and smartphones, to a variety of devices, including smart TVs, Fire TV, Chromecast, DLNA receivers, Apple TV, and game consoles. The Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV in the main supports Windows media players, Chromecast, smart TVs, Roku, and several other streaming devices. It’s crucial to remember that Roku users will only get so much support in this situation. But people who use this program on different devices and platforms will be able to use all of its features and functions.

Due to the fact that Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV does not support any type of transcoding, users must make sure the video is in the proper format.  The design of the program is fairly simple and user-friendly, with only a few simple features and functionalities.

8. RaysCast For Chromecast

RaysCast For Chromecast

Using the RaysCast For Chromecast software, you can easily cast your chosen multimedia files from your smartphones or tablets to the Chromecast, smart TV, and other devices. With the new webcasting feature of Rays Cast For Chromecast, users can stream their favorite movies, music, photos, and photos from websites. With the RaysCast For Chromecast Android app, users can cast virtually any type of multimedia content to smart TVs and a variety of other Chromecast-compatible devices. The ability for anybody to cast streaming of a range of media files at any time is one of this application’s main benefits.

RaysCast For the benefit of the readers, Chromecast is not designed to support only data and online videos. It allows users to share material from their cellphones’ internal storage. With this technology, your Android phone will be able to act as a TV remote, letting you control big screens whenever you want.

9. TCL nScreen Pro

TCL nScreen Pro

Free software called TCL nScreen Pro uses WiFi to connect Android smartphones to smartTVs and then shows all of the multimedia content on those TVs.  This software lets you quickly broadcast information from your smartphone to a big screen with this software. Another option for an airscreen is this. Once you’re connected, the easy-to-use app on your phone will work as a remote control for the smartTV you’ve linked. The TCL nScreen Pro app will allow you to fully enjoy the TV’s expansive screen and superior sound quality.

The primary features and abilities of this unique program are media sharing, a TV remote control system, and sharing of YouTube videos to smartTVs, among many other things.  Because of how advanced and speedy the TCL nScreen Pro’s media sharing technology is, it will be very simple and quick to transfer multimedia content to smartTVs.  You may begin playing any of them using the app to fully enjoy the TV’s huge screen.

10. Castaway Free

Castaway Free

Castaway Free is a simple and user-friendly program that allows Android smartphone users to transfer local films, photos, and Facebook and Google+ content via Chromecast.  Castaway Free is a piece of software that is accessible for free but also contains advertisements. The free edition of Castaway Free only offers a few features and functions.  If you want access to more features and functionalities, you must buy the app’s premium edition.  The premium edition of Castaway Free will first get rid of the ads before offering you the extra features and capabilities.

Another option for an airscreen is this.  Castaway Free is a simple program with no constraints or limitations.  Even though Castaway Free is easy to use, it has a few problems. During the installation process, it asks for permission to add or remove users, change or delete material, and access the full network connection.

11. Nero Streaming Player

Nero Streaming Player

Nero Streaming Player is a top-notch streaming tool that lets you stream, transfer, and play multimedia files across a variety of devices is Nero Streaming Player. This is an excellent tool for you if you enjoy using your smartphone to play music, view videos, or watch movies on a big screen with speakers.  Use the Nero Streaming Player application to broadcast your entertainment to numerous devices, including smart TVs. You can use this program to quickly and easily play your multimedia files on other smart devices, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and a variety of other gadgets connected to your home network. The Nero Streaming Player enables you to broadcast a wide range of multimedia from one device to another.

Users of Nero Streaming Player can use their smartphones as a wireless remote control to play PC-based video on more than one screen. Because it has so many functions and functionalities, you may think of it as your digital assistant for finishing multimedia projects.

12. AirPlay/DLNA Receiver

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver

With the AirPlay/DLNA Receiver app, Android and iOS users can send media files from their phones to a wide range of other compatible devices. The application is free to use and supports gadgets without screen mirroring capabilities.  Another option for an airscreen is this. The most recent version of the AirPlay/DLNA Receiver now works reliably, has more features, and offers a better user experience. It also supports iOS devices. You can use your Android tablet or phone instead of an AppleTV to get movies, pictures, music, and more wirelessly from a wide range of devices.

Users of smartphones may instantly transfer music, videos, movies, and even images from their iDevices by utilizing AirPlay/DLNA Receiver thanks to Apple’s AirPlay technology.  It configures Android smartphones with compatible UPnP, DLNA, and other programs so they may transfer or stream media files straight to any AirPlay or DLNA receiver or stream media files from a home media server to them.

13. AirPinCast


With the easy-to-use software AirPinCast, you can stream media files from your mobile devices to other devices as well as from DLNA and UPnP media servers. AirPinCast can stream media files from a range of devices, including Android, as well as many other media servers, to UPnP or DLNA-enabled devices, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs. It lets you stream videos to an AirPlay or DLNA receiver in more than one language, rotate the picture, play them backward, and use subtitles in ASS, SSA, or SRT.

Another option for an airscreen is this.  Because of how straightforward and user-friendly AirPinCast’s UI is, you won’t have any issues at all.  This application is simple to use, even for those without technical knowledge, because of its pre-configured structure. This app’s screen mirroring feature needs DLNA and AirPlay Receivers to be installed on Android TVs or boxes.

14. PlayTo Chromecast

PlayTo Chromecast

The PlayTo Chromecast is a fantastic choice for customers searching for a creative way to enjoy their films and movies directly on their big displays.  If you are new to Chromecast, PlayTo Chromecast is a simple-to-use software that will give you total command and control over all of your streaming content. With the help of this simple-to-use yet powerful tool, you can cast all of your favorite media and videos directly from your tablet or smartphone to any casting device.  The program allows users to stream all of their music, video, movie, and photo content from the most popular websites to their smartphone or other media server.

PlayTo Chromecast works with Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other popular DLNA media players as casting devices. Other MP4 videos, M3U8 or HLS live streams, and HTML music and video files can all be played on the PlayTo Chromecast.

15. Videostream


You may stream the downloaded videos across several devices using a super-fast program called Videostream.  Even for its customers, it offers WiFi HD video streaming to the TV.  You may download the Videostream app from the iOS, Android, and Chrome Web Stores.  Another option for an airscreen is this. Videostream is a tool that is easy to use and gives you remote access with reliable extensions. It only needs a small amount of setup to start working. It presents one of the most basic and uncomplicated ways to stream films and much more from a PC to a smart TV or Chromecast.  With this fantastic solution, you can effortlessly manage all the information on your smartphone devices.

One of the finest aspects of the Videostream app is its ability to play almost any video on Chromecast.  All audio and video codecs are supported in order to do this.  One of the best things about Videostream for Chromecast is that it doesn’t require any server installation or complicated library configuration. The software doesn’t need any codecs to be installed or for accounts to be made.

FAQs About AirScreen

What is AirScreen?

An enhanced wireless transmission protocol receiver for Android is called AirScreen. AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast, and DLNA are all present here. Local network connections, such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, are supported by AirScreen. AirScreen now lets you share your screen, images, audio, and other features with your closest family and friends.

Is the AirScreen app free to download?

The AirScreen app is free to download. The application’s functionality is restricted and picky. You have to pay for other premium features if you want the best and most flexible ones.

Which protocol does AirScreen support?

DLNA is the most recent protocol that supports AirScreen.

What applications does AirScreen support?

Several apps, including iTunes, YouTube, Safari, Chrome, client programs, and media resources, support AirScreen here.

Which operating systems work with AirScreen?

The answer is that some devices running different OSes can use AirScreen.  These include, among others, iOS 8, iOS, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, macOS, Windows 10, and Android.  Users of AirScreen may access the program on several platforms, and it is compatible with the most common operating systems.

How much does AirScreen Pro cost?

You have to purchase the AirScreen Pro edition if you want access to all its capabilities.  Then you may make use of countless amenities.  The monthly payment is around $2.49.  If not, you can pay it in annual installments of around $19.99.  Users are free to utilize Basic and Pro features with non-recurring access.  It has a 30-day trial period and costs between $1.99 and $3.49 per purchase.

Is the AirScreen application secure?

Yes.  It’s safe to use AirScreen.  This is one of many cutting-edge wireless transmission technologies.  With this well-known encrypted transmission, you could send across the network your own gallery photos and a few films. This protects all of your private information and makes sure it can’t be hacked because it uses encrypted communication.

What are the core functions of the AirScreen application?

AirPlay, Miracast, Cast-enabled, Google Cast, Chromecast, and DLNA are all basic features of the AirScreen app.

Why should I use Airscreen rather than Chromecast?

The best and alternate Chromecast replacement is called Airscreen.  But Airscreen is superior to Chromecast in other ways as well, including some that are much more significant.  Using AirScreen is the greatest method to save time and money is using Airscreen. Finally, we can present Airscreen as a fantastic Chromecast substitute.

Does the Google Play store provide the Airscreen app?

The Google Play store has already included Airscreen, so the answer is yes. Whatever the case may be, you may now choose to immediately download an AirScreen app file from the internet and uncover a number of other trustworthy and cost-free download sites.


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