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Top 10 Best Free Password Managers For Mac 2023

Best Password Managers for Mac

Best Password Managers for Mac: A password manager makes things easier and, more importantly, helps you make stronger passwords. This makes it less likely that your online presence will be attacked because of your passwords.

The Best Password Managers for Mac that comes with Apple products, iCloud Keychain, is acceptable, but it lacks some of the more sophisticated features that I look for in a password manager, such as cross-platform compatibility, two-factor authentication, password vault auditing, and dark web surveillance.

Here is a look at the Best Password Managers for Mac, iOS and macOS passward manger or security software programs that offer additional capabilities like password sharing, safe document storage, and other features that contemporary consumers want.

Best Password Managers for Mac

The top Best Password Managers for Mac, macOS and iOS have been identified by our team. Additionally, these macOS password managers will make it easier for you to browse.


For Mac users, 1Password offers the perfect mix of ease and security. Its Mac programme and Safari browser extension are incredibly user-friendly and provide industry-leading security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

In my tests, I discovered that it was very easy to import my saved passwords from iCloud Keychain, access all of the features offered, automatically save and fill in login information, credit card information, and even addresses, and share credentials with both 1Password users and people who don’t have a 1Password account (most competitors only let you share passwords with other users).

OnePassword also has:

1Password Families ($4.99/month) adds shared vaults, permission management, and account recovery options between family members and covers 5 users with the option to add additional users for a fee. 1Password is the only password manager on this list that doesn’t have a limit on the number of users that can share a family plan, which is just one of the reasons why it’s the best option overall.


In my most recent tests, I discovered that Dashlane is even simpler to use than it was before the recent switch from a desktop version to a browser-based one. The new web app makes it easy to do everything you need to do to manage your passwords, like auto-save and auto-fill. It also works well with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and a number of other browsers that aren’t as well-known.

Additionally, Dashlane has a vast array of other features, including:

Due to its variety of features, Dashlane Free is among the Best Password Managers for Mac available. However, it can only store 50 passwords on a single device.

If you need to save additional passwords, Dashlane Premium offers unlimited passwords across unlimited devices and all of Dashlane’s features. While it is more expensive than some of its competitors, you can get it for $4.99 per month with our exclusive 50% discount.For $7.49 per month, Dashlane Premium Family offers 6 licences and a family management dashboard.

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Keeper Security

Keeper is one of the safest Best Password Managers for Mac available, and it has a tonne of great features, some of which are uncommon, like KeeperChat, an encrypted chat software that makes sure all of the media files and messages you send and receive are completely safe and private. In my experiments, KeeperChat allowed me to transmit encrypted files and messages, create private groups, take back any transferred files or communications, and set “self-destruct” timers on my messages. Compared to other encrypted communicators like Signal, KeeperChat has the alternatives of retracting and self-destructing.

Numerous more safeguards are also included in Keeper, including:

There is a free plan given by Keeper, but it is not publicly advertised, is only available at the conclusion of your free trial period or when your membership expires, and it only offers basic features. Keeper Unlimitedincludes unlimited passwords on an unlimited number of devices; 2FA; password sharing; vault auditing; and emergency access; all of which are included with Keeper Unlimited, which has a monthly starting price of $3.75. Up to 5 licences and 10 GB of cloud storage are added with Keeper Family ($52.49/year), and both plans provide dark web monitoring and up to 100 GB of cloud storage as optional add-ons.


LastPass works incredibly well with macOS; it’s simple to install, configure, and, for compatible devices, even includes Touch ID capabilities. Instead of manually inputting my master password, I was able to swiftly get into my LastPass vault using the Touch ID scanner on my MacBook Pro.

Additionally, LastPass has a lot of features, such as:

Although I truly appreciate LastPass’s free plan, subscribing to LastPass Premium is a great value as you receive 1 GB of encrypted storage, one-to-many password sharing, password auditing, biometric logins, and emergency access for just $3 per month. For $4.00 per month, LastPass Families offers up to six users’ coverage along with a useful family sharing dashboard.


Of all the apps on our list, RoboForm boasts the most beneficial and precise form-filling capabilities. Many Best Password Managers for Mac can automatically fill up sections like addresses and credit card numbers, but RoboForm goes above and beyond by offering eight templates for things like passports, automobile registrations, and even company information. Another feature of RoboForm that I truly appreciate is its ability to save and fill in application passwords. On my Mac, I entered my iTunes account, and RoboForm offered to store my information right away. Every time I signed into iTunes, Steam, and other apps, RoboForm’s application auto-fill performed flawlessly.

Additionally, RoboForm offers:

RoboForm Free offers form-filling, password sharing, password security auditing, bookmark storing, and limitless passwords. RoboForm Everywhere adds device synchronisation, 2FA and biometric login, cloud backup, and emergency access for just $1.16 per month, while RoboForm Everywhere Family increases that coverage to up to 5 users for $33.40 per year.

Avira Password Manager

Avira is a straightforward yet incredibly safe and user-friendly password manager that seamlessly integrates with macOS. There aren’t any desktop applications; everything is done through a web dashboard, and then browser extensions offer further capabilities. Unfortunately, Safari doesn’t have a browser extension, but Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge all have excellent browser extensions. The auto-fill and auto-save features started working well as soon as I installed the browser extensions, offering to store my password whenever I established a new account and automatically fill out my login information for all saved accounts.

Other features of Avira Password Manager include:

The password manager from Avira is a separate application, but it is also included in the manager’s entire online security package, Avira Prime ($59.99/year), which also includes the company’s antivirus password and VPN service.

Sticky Password

For macOS, Sticky Password offers a respectable selection of security measures, including the choice to only synchronize data through trusted networks. Sticky Password may be configured to only sync passwords across devices when connected to a trusted Wi-Fi network, such as a home network with a password. For those who want to sync data between devices from any location, there is also a cloud sync option.

Despite this, the various plans offered by Sticky Password do offer a solid selection of features. Unlimited password storage, encrypted notes, a password generator, credit card auto-fill, and 2FA are all included with Sticky Password Free, but only for one device. Sticky Password Premium includes local Wi-Fi synchronisation, cloud synchronisation and backup, secure password sharing, emergency access, and priority assistance – all across multiple devices at a cost of $29.99 per year. Additionally, 10% of each Sticky Password transaction is donated to the Save the Manatee Club!

Password Boss

For Macs, Password Boss offers a respectable solution; it’s not the best, but it’s safe and takes care of all the essentials. Additionally, Password Boss has a decent selection of other tools, some of which have special capabilities like remote data erasure (in the case of a stolen Mac).

In addition, Password Boss offers:

The free plan from Password Boss isn’t the best because it can only be used on one device and has a lot of restrictions. But for either 1 or 5 devices, Password Boss Premium ($2.50/month) and Families ($4/month) have all of the aforementioned capabilities.


RememBear is a simple password manager with a charming bear gimmick. Including Mac, RememBear runs smoothly on all operating systems. A password generator, a TOTP generator, and rudimentary emergency access are all included in the programme. Although iCloud Keychain has a comparable set of fundamental functions, RememBear is cross-platform, easier to use, and far more entertaining. Unlimited password storage is available with RememBear Free, but it can only be used on one device. For $72.00 a year, RememBear Premium includes multi-device sync, password backup, and the aforementioned capabilities. No family plan exists.


Enpass is a completely offline password manager that keeps all information locally on a Mac’s hard drive and encrypts it. If you don’t want your private information saved online, this is ideal. You may still sync your data between devices by connecting Enpass to a third-party cloud service of your choosing, such as iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, or by backing up your data to a USB drive.

Here are some of the key features that Enpass offers for password management:

There are no restrictions at all with Enpass is a Best Password Managers for Mac; it is fully free. However, you’ll need to purchase one of the subscription plans, which start at $23.99 per year, if you want to use Enpass on your mobile device. Additionally, a family plan for up to 6 people is available for $35.99/year, and an amazing one-time buy deal is available for only $79.99, which is comparable to the cost of most yearly plans offered by rivals.

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