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Kissmovies Alternatives: 40 Best Sites To Watch Movies Online 2023

kissmovies Streaming services provide a range of streaming speeds. You may test the speed of the streaming service provider. Netflix even offers a speed index for several ISPs. If you are working on a project that requires you to review video speed or if you use any of the streaming services, you should verify the streaming speed. We used to do this using the Kissmovies test, but since it is now illegal in most places, we felt it would be useful to give best Kissmovies alternatives for checking your streaming speed.

What is Kissmovies?

For movie and TV enthusiasts worldwide, Kissmovies is a well-known destination. Watchers can watch movies on KissMovies without creating an account. The movies are in high definition and have subtitles available. Additionally, you have a range of settings from which to choose your ideal speed. You can download all of your favorite movies for free and without any time restrictions.

All in all, KissMovies offers a wide variety of recreational pursuits. Kiss Movies offers a vast selection of movies and web series, including comedies, action, romance, sci-fi, and thrillers, to mention a few genres. I hope everyone in Asia, Europe, and the UK has success with Kissmovies. Nevertheless, a number of ISPs have blocked the Kiss Movies website. It’s also forbidden in several countries. Since Kissmovies has had multiple outages, substitutes are required. You don’t want the website outage to ruin your movie night.

Top KissMovies Mirror Sites

Official Kissmovies website:

40 Best Sites Like Kissmovies To Watch Movies Online In 2022

Here is the list of best sites like kissmovies to watch movies online.

1. WatchSeries

On this excellent kissmovies alternative website, there are several advertising and pop-up notifications. It does, however, boast a large collection of both classic and contemporary films and television shows. You may also download a mobile app on your Android phone. On the menu, you’ll also notice a “Request” option, where you may notify the administration about a movie or TV show you’d like to have added to the collection.

2. Afdah

This site will meet all of your entertainment needs if you’re looking for a calm alternative to kiss movies. Afdah is a free platform that curates material from public internet sources and makes it available to consumers worldwide. Afdah is not responsible for the accuracy, consistency, copyright, validity, or conventionality of any information provided in a hurry. If you’re sick of intrusive pop-ups on other websites, Afdah is a terrific alternative.

3. CMoviesHD

It is the best substitute for kissmovies. As the name implies, the platform broadcasts a high-definition video. CMovies HD has a vast selection of TV shows and movies to pick from. To navigate all of the material, an easy-to-use interface is given. As a result, no registration is necessary to see the site’s content.

4. YesMovies

It is an excellent alternative to kissmovies. While YesMovies provides streaming movies and shows for a broad variety of films, the most popular genres on the platform are horror and thrillers. You do not have to register to view the films, but you must if you want to access the website’s features. A What’s Hot section informs you about the most recent movies/episodes set to be released on the website. All of the films are available in HD, which enhances the experience, particularly for horror enthusiasts.

5. Popcornflix

PopcornFlix is a website where you may watch movies for free. The rival website to kissmovies provides a large choice of content that is available for free viewing. Both the video quality and the caption language may be changed. The platform is really simple to use. The website contains links to all of the most current films.

6. Tubi

It is a suitable replacement for kiss movies. Tubi provides free legal material. You may access a big variety of titles and satisfy your leisure demands without creating an account. The software works with a wide range of devices. Tubi supports Roku, iOS, Android, Fire TV, PS4, Xbox, and every other device you can think of.

7. BMovies 

The user interface is basic, making it easy to navigate the website. When you initially visit the site, you’ll notice that some movie titles are highlighted and shown in the carousel. Most of the time, the films in this area are the greatest recent and have received the most attention. The rival website to kissmovies also contains the most recent celebrity and film news. Commercials aren’t that horrible. Some of them will appear now and again, but not frequently enough to disrupt your movie marathon.

8. SolarMovie

SolarMovie also features an excellent user interface that gives the impression of being a premium movie or programme subscription service. The film titles are organised into categories and groups. There is also a filter feature that allows you to search for movies by type, quality, genre, release country, and year. If you want to utilise SolarMovie as a replacement for kissmovies, you’ll need to mix it up with Putlocker every now and again.

9. Gomovies

This is a free online TV platform with a big library of movie and TV show titles. You do not need to create an account unless you want to interact with the website. There’s a section for movie news, as well as one for “Top IMDb.” While it’s a good alternative to kissmovies, the site is cluttered with adverts when you click the play button.

10. Vumoo

Vumoo is simply another fantastic kissmovies substitute. It provides an excellent streaming experience and a lot of intriguing stuff for free. Numbers, it is often assumed, never lie. Every month, about three million people utilise Vumoo.


123Movies is one of the largest libraries of movies and TV series. The layout is simple to use, and you can easily discover the most recent TV shows or movies. This is an excellent alternative to kiss movies since you may view movies without registering. You may sort by genre, release year, and other parameters.


You do not need to make an account to view movies on our kissmovies alternative site. However, if you want to join in the discussion, you should create an account. To see the videos, you must first download and install the S Hush plugin. The website only has a small number of movie and television show titles. There are several adverts on this platform.

13. Sockshare

Sockshare has a significantly superior user experience and a far larger collection of recent high-definition material than kissmovies, and it is the way to go if you do not want to break any laws by watching pirated films and instead want to watch trusted stuff. It includes connections to all of the data that work.

14. Popcorntime

Popcorn Time, unlike other online TV programme providers, is more of a software than a platform. First, save the file to your computer or laptop. To use this service, you do not need to create an account. As soon as the programme is launched, you may begin watching your favourite movies. In addition to the free online TV offering, the site generates money by selling VPN subscriptions.

15. LunchFlix 

The movie and episode collections aren’t as extensive as those found on sites such as kissmovies. The most popular genres on this online free TV streaming portal are thrillers, horror, and fiction. There are also numerous animated films. There are various commercials on the video player. Despite the minor hiccup, the movie will begin with little to no buffering.

16. Noxx 

To get access, you must first pass a CAPTCHA, after which you will be met by a clean website with light adverts to help support the site’s free services. The alternative site kiss movies has a vast number of movie and television show titles. Because the Movies category covers both TV shows and movies, the titles are not ordered.

17. Fmovies 

Fmovies is another video-based website where you may acquire movies. It’s an excellent kissmovies substitute. The internet has a big quantity of movies and TV shows. The site has something for everyone, regardless of genre preference. Horror, science fiction, romance, thrillers, action, adventure, and other genres are all accessible.

18. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy allows you to view TV shows and movies without registering. You may also view your favourite shows without leaving your phone by using an Android app. Among the titles are animated cartoons and Korean books.

19. PutLocker

Putlocker is a popular media entertainment website that focuses in streaming movies and TV shows. There is no requirement for membership on the site. It provides the finest video quality with the fewest ads. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite shows uninterrupted.

20. Online Free Films

This website is identical to kissmovies. The user interface is basic and easy to use. It has a white background, no unique features, and only the main menu, which organises programme titles alphabetically and chronologically. To view shows, you do not need an account. The library is brimming with historic and contemporary film and television shows. There are little to no commercial breaks while watching a show.

21. Y Movies

You may view a choice of amazing movies on alternative website. However, there are a few advertisements that may interfere with your search for and viewing of titles. You may look for films depending on their language. To watch movies or episodes online, you do not need to sign up.

22. XMovies8

XMovies8 provides a diverse selection of Hollywood and Bollywood films and television shows. Ad pop-ups will produce repeated disruptions every time you hit play or stop. However, you will be able to watch all accessible titles in high definition. There are several video links available for each title, giving you options if one of the sources is unavailable. You do not need to create an account to watch free series and movies.

23. LosMovies 

In comparison to other free-streaming services, this Movies alternative site has less ads. There is a link to search for actors and actresses who have appeared in titles on the site. Aside from that, there is a separate section where you may seek for subtitled movies and TV series.

24. Viooz

If you want to view your favourite movie in HD quality with as little interruptions as possible, Viooz is an intriguing Movies choice. You may watch Bollywood, Hollywood, and other foreign shows. Some films include subtitles, while others have several languages.

25. PrimeWire

Primewire is a popular online movie streaming service that is also completely free, making it an appealing option to kiss movies. The website’s proprietors update it as frequently as possible in order to provide its consumers with the most recent movies. You may also search for new and classic films by sorting them by release date, stars, and studio reviews.

26. AZMovies

If you want to view your favourite movie in HD quality with as little interruptions as possible, AZ Movies is an intriguing kissmovies choice. You may watch Bollywood, Hollywood, and other foreign shows. Some films include subtitles, while others have several languages.

27. LookMovie

Cartoons, fiction, thrillers, and other millennial-friendly genres dominate this online TV streaming service like kissmovies. The great bulk of the videos is in HD quality. The user interface is basic but contemporary. Although there is a lot of advertising, it is not strewn around.

28. SeeHD

It is a good kissmovies alternative. Film and television programme titles are listed alphabetically and by genre. This website has no distinct tabs or features. See HD offers a simpler user design than our other picks, making it easier to use. The movies/episodes may be seen in high definition, as the name implies. The video player’s capabilities allow you to change the video quality. This website has few adverts, making it ideal for uninterrupted movie viewing.

29. 5Movies

Despite the fact that the best kissmovies alternative website is littered with adverts, it offers a varied variety of film and television titles. Registration is not required. The titles of TV shows and movies are alphabetized and divided into genres.

30. MoviesNinja

It is the most suitable alternative for kissmovies. MovieNinja is a service that allows you to download all of your favourite movies in high definition (HD) rather than standard definition (SD) (SD). The browsing process begins with the most recent releases and proceeds to previous releases until it reaches classics. It will also provide you a breakdown of the week’s most popular movies. As a consequence, once you start viewing movies on our site, you will be seeing movies in your favourite genre automatically.

31. TheMoviesFlix

It is an excellent alternative to kissmovies. The website provides superb determination motion pictures as well as some TV shows in many categories such as drama, satire, stress, activity, and a lot more. You do not need to register on the MoviesFlix website to view movies right now. They might have fantastic features on their site grounds. Some may seduce you with free flags, but they will eventually demand cash.

32. Icefilms

Previously, a distinction homepage for numerous sites had a category of the finest IMDB motion films recorded. This implies it will be easier to locate today’s most popular movies. You may alternatively organise motion films by year. This is important if you appreciate watching good movies.

33. Niter is a website with over 7000 movies and television shows. A website may also have motion visuals that may be seen in high definition. You may also view this site from any of your devices.

34. HDOOnline

When you utilise in your application, you may access the Tamilrockers website to view a range of movies and TV series on your computer. It has a beautiful UI with all of the movies shown on the main page. This website allows you to search for movies by categories such as most popular presently, most popular choice, most conspicuous, and most prestigious. This is your chance to select recordings that match your mood by using gender and country categorization.

35. Zmovies offers a vast assortment of films organised by category. Similarly, because the site is often updated, your visitors will be able to watch the most current movies there right now. Whatever the case, on-location motion pictures just began in 2012. Regardless, it is complemented by a wide choice of beautiful motion pictures that you may view. Finally, there will be no need for you to register before accessing this website.

36. OpenLoad

OpenLoad Movie is a term used to denote online streaming services. The URL for this website is derived from the “Openload” database. Other websites use this to provide movie streaming on their websites. You could see an incredible array of new TV episodes, movies, and even some older films that are not to be missed. Not only that, but you can save our favourites to your favourites list and watch them whenever you log in to your account.

37. Snagfilms

Do you enjoy watching ancient movies? Then you must be logged into SnagFilms, where you may see a wide range of classic and vintage films. Enjoy this collection of classic films from the same genre.

38. Yify

In terms of watching great movies, we have another great name for you: Yify. This website provides an alphabetical list of movies. You may find hundreds of movies in each area, such as action, award-winning action, and so on, depending on their popularity. If you look them up on IMDB, you’ll discover they’re ranked top.

39. Movie777

This well-known website, which is a good substitute for kissmovies, provides the most recent movie content. If you want to see the bulk of high-rated films, this website is a must-visit. Not only that, but it gives you access to movies from all around the world.

40. Putlocker9

Putlocker9 has always been a popular solution for people who want to watch movies without being interrupted. If you’re seeking for a website comparable to KingMovies, Putlocker is a famous name. More movie selections, a simpler layout, and better classification.

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