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15 Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Better Chatting Experience

WhatsApp Alternatives

WhatsApp Alternatives: You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking apps like whatsapp without phone number. There are already many people using the texting app all across the world. It does, however, have certain drawbacks.

Many WhatsApp users are searching for an alternative that will allow them to seamlessly interact with their pals. In this post, we will introduce you to 15 of the top WhatsApp alternatives that are currently on the market.

Learn more about some of the top WhatsApp alternatives for iPhone and Android smartphones by reading on.

15 Best WhatsApp Alternatives To Try For Better Chatting Experience

Here are the best free WhatsApp alternatives to try in 2022.

1. Facebook Messenger

Despite the fact that Facebook Inc. owns both WhatsApp and Messenger, they both offer a tonne of specific features. You may add someone on Facebook and communicate with them via Messenger without exchanging phone numbers. You may now use Messenger to make voice and video calls. However, you can only keep in touch with Facebook users. Even so, it is among the most trustworthy iPhone and Android WhatsApp alternatives.

2. Viber

Viber’s user interface is fairly WhatsApp Alternatives. It has access to your contacts and enables easy communication with your pals. You may call your Viber contacts just as with WhatsApp. It is a fantastic alternative to WhatsApp since it includes a tonne of additional capabilities, like instant video messaging. Various stickers may be added to your encrypted chats as well.

3. Line

Use Line to call your pals without spending any money. This WhatsApp Alternatives gives you a quick and alternative method to contact your pals. It has access to your phone’s contacts and lets you add people by entering their usernames. The line may be used for more than just free audio and video conversations; it can also be used to maintain a social presence. It has a tonne of extra features, from desktop integration to personalised stickers.

4. Skype

It is among the earliest forms of video calling. The user interface of Skype has seen a significant modification after it was bought by Windows. It is a very dependable way to get in touch with your connections. You must add the relevant Skype ID to your list in order to receive messages from it. Additionally, you may import your phone contacts and have mobile voice and video conversations. Due to all of this, Skype is among the top WhatsApp Alternatives.

5. Groupme

It is among the greatest methods for group chats. However, Groupme also offers a smooth means of having a one-on-one conversation. You may use it to create groups specifically for your connections (like friends, family, colleagues, and more). Through its UI, you can even send messages when offline. You should absolutely give Groupme a try if you’re looking for an iPhone and Android WhatsApp alternative.

6. Kik Messenger

Kik is a technologically sophisticated messaging programme that offers end-to-end encryption and is already used by millions of people worldwide. It also offers a facility for group video calls, which WhatsApp has only just added. It’s one of the top WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS thanks to its user-friendly UI and high-end functionality.

7. Google Allo

You should definitely give Allo a try if you like Google products. It offers a quick and simple method to talk with your pals, but it also has a tonne of other functions. Along with end-to-end encryption, it has a built-in Google Assistant with AI capabilities. This WhatsApp alternative’s omission of a facility to take a backup of its data is its lone flaw (or chats).

8. ChatON

Samsung powers ChatON, which was first promoted by the smartphone maker as well. As it comes pre-installed on many Samsung handsets, this is one of the simplest WhatsApp alternatives. It makes it simple to communicate, exchange files, and make mobile calls to your buddies.

9. WeChat

One of the most widely used applications in Asia at first was WeChat. Millions of people still use it now all around the world. Its user-friendly UI and the ability to read contacts from your phone make it simple to speak with your buddies. WeChat, one of the top WhatsApp replacements, enables wireless media file sharing and encourages social interaction.

10. Telegram Messenger

Use Telegram Messenger if you’re looking for a fun and novel method to communicate with your pals. It is among the top WhatsApp alternatives for both iPhone and Android. The programme enables straightforward video conversations and telescope use. Additionally, you may speak privately with someone using the chat’s auto-destructive features.

11. Kakao Talk

With this clever texting software, you can have audio and video conversations while you’re on the road. Millions of people already use Kakao Talk to interact with one another in an intelligent and hassle-free way. It features a modern UI and gives you a simple method to text your buddies. It is one of the greatest WhatsApp alternatives for iPhone and Android smartphones since it has so many functions.

12. Wire

With full privacy added to your data, Wire bills itself as a contemporary form of communication. It offers a user-friendly design and the ability to make voice and video calls. End-to-end encryption is one of the many premium features offered by the app. Almost all platforms support this WhatsApp alternative app. Additionally, you may add people by username (no phone number needed).

13. Hike Messenger

Hike has a similarly engaging and user-friendly layout to Line, enabling you to quickly communicate with your loved ones. You have the option to submit Snapchat-like stories to your profile in addition to conducting video calls. It is among the finest WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iPhone users, with customised stickers and a secure UI.

14. Threema

Threema is unquestionably one of the safest texting applications available. It keeps you anonymous while offering complete end-to-end encryption of messages. You can increase security by confirming your contacts before adding them by enabling password and fingerprint safeguards.Threema allows for the sharing of media files but not the ability to perform live video chats. However, unlike other well-known texting applications, Threema is not free.

15. Tango

Tango will become your new favourite app if you enjoy sharing ordinary moments with your pals. Tango may be used for more than just audio and video conferences; it can also be used for multiplayer games in real-time. It’s a fun software that will undoubtedly alter how you communicate with your loved ones. There is a tonne of additional features included with this alternative to WhatsApp.

Select your chosen WhatsApp alternative now. Before proceeding, ensure that the app is compatible with the platform you are using. It should also protect your data while offering all of WhatsApp’s premium features. Do you believe that any more messaging apps should be added to the list?

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