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CartoonsOn Alternatives: Top 30 Sites To Watch Anime Online Free In 2023

CartoonsOn is a anime website where you can watch online anime for free. If you’re looking for a reliable source of cartoons online, look no further than the top Cartoons On alternatives. It is the best spot to watch your favourite cartoons online whenever and anywhere you want. If you are a lover of a specific character, you can always head into its Characters category and select from legendary characters like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Spider-Man, and The Lion King, Ben 10, Batman, and many others.

It was a major setback for all anime and cartoon enthusiasts because they couldn’t view their favourite shows on the internet anymore. There is, however, some good news for anime and cartoon aficionados. We’ll inform you about some alternative websites, such as CartoonsOn Alternatives, that have a large library of anime series and cartoons. The list below contains CartoonsOn alternatives that you may not be aware of.

But what if this  cartoons on netflix is no longer up and running? due to some copyright issues. If the site is temporarily inaccessible but you don’t want to wait to watch your favourite cartoon, here are several CartoonsOn alternatives that you will certainly like.

Top 30 Sites Like CartoonsOn To Watch Anime Online Free In 2023

Here is the list of best sites like CartoonsOn to watch anime online free in 2023.

1. Chia-Anime

CartoonsOn Anime TV is a website that features a diverse selection of anime genres, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone. This website was built with the intention of providing home entertainment. It is available around the world, displaying many areas of Japanese culture as well as small entertainment. Nonetheless, through appealing visuals and animation, it gives viewers views and insight into how Japanese society appears from the inside. It’s a good substitute for CartoonsOn.

2. KissAnime


KissAnime is a well-known anime fan website. This one-of-a-kind website provides quick access to a diverse collection of anime episodes. All of these extra programmes are accessible in high-definition visual quality, giving viewers something really remarkable. The episodes are available in several video quality settings, ranging from 240p to 1080p. It is a good substitute for CartoonsOn.

3. Animeland


Animeland is one of the best and most popular legal anime streaming websites. Animeland TV, Animeland Dubbed Television, Konosuba Dub, Hinomaru Sumo, English Named Anime, Anime English Title

The Animeland website has parallax scrolling. The Anime Land user interface design and experience were both good since the user interface is simple to understand. This website contains various elements, including the Animeland website logo design at the top, which is written in an animated typeface. It’s an excellent substitute for CartoonsOn.

Assume the user reaches this website’s menu, which is basic and easy to use, and chooses from a variety of anime selections. The Home Button and news classification are on the list in such cases. In the news category, manga-anime is one of two subcategories. It’s an excellent substitute for CartoonsOn.



The second big Gogoanime option is It’s a well-designed anime streaming site with a diverse selection of genres such as action, adventure, comedy, horror, drama, love, school, seinen, secret, space, a slice of life, vampire, mecha, and many more.

Every anime available on this website is accompanied by a description from As a consequence, you will be able to learn about all of the important characteristics of the anime, such as the number of episodes. There is also a place where you may comment on each private episode. There is no longer a need for a chat room. As a consequence, you may easily enhance the current comment box.

5. Animeheaven


AnimeHeaven is an anime fan’s paradise. It has one of the most unusual user interfaces of all the anime websites. On each page, all of the anime episodes are listed in a very interactive manner. You may watch dubbed anime, anime series, and anime movies on this website. It’s a good substitute for CartoonsOn.

All you need to stream at AnimeHeaven is a working computer and a high-speed internet connection. But what if this website no longer exists? Due to copyright difficulties! or the website is temporarily down. If you still want to watch your favourite anime, here are some of the best AnimeHeaven options that you will certainly like.

6. AnimeUltima


You’ve come to the right place if you’re an anime fan seeking a free anime streaming service. Animeultima is a free anime streaming site that does not require registration or account creation. You may view a wide range of anime films, dramas, and series, as well as the most recent episodes, all in one location. This website also allows you to download free anime episodes. Animeultima has a well-designed interface that makes it easy to find your favourite anime series. Simply enter the name of the anime series you want to watch, and it will be on your screen in a matter of seconds.

Animeultima also offers a synopsis of each anime series. As a consequence, fans may simply choose the best series depending on the plot and characters. Because this website features anime from all across the world, each episode has an English subtitle. Animeultima can accommodate you if you prefer called or subtitled movies.

Animeultima is not available in every country. If Animeultima is not available in your country, here are some of the best alternatives. Let us investigate more.

7. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet is a well-known website that allows individuals to view and enjoy high-quality anime online. On this website, you may watch popular anime episodes in high quality and learn about the current anime. The anime content may be sorted by popularity, most-watched, name, year, date added, and other criteria. It’s an excellent substitute for Cartoons On.

8. AnimeFrenzy


If you’re one of those passionate anime fans who can’t get enough of it, becoming an AnimeFrenzy fan makes sense. If Movies123 and Putlocker are recognized for providing free movies and television, Anime Frenzy, or animeultima, is the anime equivalent. However, the site remains disruptive and frequently goes down, leaving you surprised and annoyed in the middle of an anime series. Here are top  AnimeFrenzy alternatives sites to check out.

9. Animelab

CartoonsOn is one of the best locations to watch anime hits and fast-tracked simulcast reveals right from Japan in high HD. There are several free episodes accessible, and new series are added every week. The website’s material is organized into sections such as popular shows, new series, and genres, among others. Each group includes CartoonsOn alternatives. It’s an excellent substitute for CartoonsOn.



Anime fans report that viewing anime provides them with a lot of delight. Anime viewing has grown in popularity all across the world. It began in Japan and has expanded around the world. Nonetheless, Japanese animation has affected so many people that it has become a fundamental part of their identity.

KissAnime is a well-known anime-watching website. It also includes backup sites in case the primary site goes down. You might watch your favourite anime episode using one of the CartoonsOn alternatives listed below. You’ve arrived at the correct place if you’re looking for a list of KissAnime options to watch anime online.

In this brief post, we will discuss KissAnime as well as some interesting Cartoons On alternatives. If KissAnime is not available, keep in mind that the following anime streaming services.

11. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is a popular anime streaming service. It is also known as animefreakz or animefreaks, anime enthusiast, anime freak television, animefIt offers excellent called and subtitled anime material, which is also free. There is no charge to watch anime on this fantastic website.

To get started, all you’ll need is a gadget and an internet connection. Many people adore anime, and websites such as AnimeFreak provide a vast selection of popular anime in almost every genre. Millions of people across the world rely on AnimeFreak for anime movies, series, and TV episodes.

The fact that these free music streaming services are sometimes banned in certain nations is a huge disadvantage. These prohibitions are prompted by copyright concerns and other factors, and consumers then look for CartoonsOn alternatives.

12. Gogoanime


GoGoAnime is one of those anime websites with a user-friendly interface that offers a great number of anime programmes from various categories. It’s a good substitute for CartoonsOn. Almost every genre is covered on the GoGoAnime website, allowing viewers to rapidly watch their favourite TV shows and movies.

13. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a well-known website that offers free access to a wide range of current anime. It’s a great place to find high-quality new anime series that anime enthusiasts like to watch. Because of its enormous anime collection, this website attracts anime fans from all around the world.

This user-friendly website, which debuted in 2006, is the principal source of a plethora of anime, doramas, and manga. This website is visited by about 50 million anime enthusiasts worldwide to watch anime. On this website, you may view free anime and upgrade to a premium membership.

14. DubbedAnime


Seeing the best-dubbed films Anime is like eating a well-done steak: others will look down on you because of your taste. For those who are unaware, there is an age-old debate over watching anime. Many anime fans feel that the only appropriate medium for discourse is subtitled animation.

These gadgets play Japanese audio with English subtitles for people who do not speak Japanese. Nonetheless, there are a handful of popular animes available with English subtitles. They utilise English voice actors to call their initial product. Named editions are unimportant to a substantial percentage of the anime audience. In the end, it all comes down to desire.

Alternatives to CartoonsOn with the best translations have just as much to offer as their Japanese counterparts. Without inciting the wrath of die-hard anime fans, the audience should be concerned with their own choice of genre. There is no single best way to watch anime. The characteristics that define a great anime are not restricted to a single language.

15. Cartoon Crazy


The animations have a lot of fans. Today’s technology provides something for everyone, whether you want to watch cartoons with your kids or go back in time. There are several sites accessible for online cartoon streaming that you may choose to visit. One such location is the cartoon Insanity.

16. 9anime


9anime is the greatest free anime website on the list after that. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular sites for watching anime online when you visit the home page. 9anime has a user interface with dark and light themes that is clean, modern, and well-designed. There is little clutter, the navigation is simple, and there is no pop-up advertising.

This anime website features a diverse selection of anime series, movies, OVAs, ONAs, and specials.

There is subtitled and dubbed anime content available, which is useful for English speakers who dislike subtitles.

You may find the information you want by using the large search box on the website’s front page. Alternatively, anime is classified according to genre, kind, and release date. Sort by alphabetical categories to make finding anime even easier.

17. Funimation


Funimation maintains a database of over 10,000 anime episodes and movies, which is continually updated with fresh material.

The anime streaming website is one of the major anime distributors in North America.

It now owns the rights to a number of notable television shows, including Hunter x Hunter, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Assassination Classroom, Attack on Titan, and others.

The animes available on Funimation are only available in the United States and a few other countries. To access it from other parts of the world, you’ll need to use a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Funimation is more than simply a streaming service for anime. This website keeps fans up to speed on the latest news and information on anime games, manga, new and popular anime series, movies, products, collectables, and much more.

While you may watch anime on our website for free, premium subscriptions are available for a more immersive experience. You can receive a lot of free goods if you’re willing to put up with advertisements. The videos on the website are accessible in a variety of quality ranges, from 480p to 1080p.

18. 1anime


1anime is an anime website with a large library of anime series and movies. It’s a great place to find dubbed and subtitled anime. The design of this website will not wow users, but that does not mean it is difficult to browse.

The anime website has a sophisticated filter option that allows you to navigate through the videos. It’s convenient since the anime is just classified into a few categories, such as new releases, trending episodes, and top anime. If you don’t define your search criteria, the random function will perform it for you.

Sub or Dub tags are applied to all anime videos on 1anime. For a high-quality watching experience, the video quality is in HD.

19. Anime Kisa


Anime Kisa is coming next. It is one of the top anime streaming sites for free. The best part is that there are no advertisements on the website—a welcome banner on the home page confirms that this is a permanent feature. With over a thousand titles, Anime Kisa provides a massive collection of anime episodes and movies. It’s just becoming bigger as new episodes are added on a regular basis.

Because of its user interface, Anime Kisa has an advantage over many other free anime sites. It is well-designed and easy to use. On the home page, two tabs allow you to pick between dubbed and subbed anime videos. There are various genre categories to choose from, as well as an effective search option.

20. Anime Owl


Anime Owl is one of the most visually appealing anime websites on this list, making it a pleasure to watch movies on the site. It is, however, much more than just a trendy design. This anime website provides a large selection of videos that are often updated and can be seen in high definition.

On the site, you may watch TV shows, OVAs, ONAs, movies, and specials. A breakdown of content is provided through an alphabetically sorted A-Z anime list. There are also other genres to pick from. Light novels may also be read online at Anime Owl, which has a large library.

21. TubiTV


Tubi TV is the first of these free anime websites that do not provide anime streaming. It is, instead, an over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that offers a wide range of video content such as movies, TV series, and documentaries. Tubi TV also allows you to watch live TV, as there are channels dedicated to news, sports, and entertainment.

Fans of anime will not be forgotten. While it does not have the most anime videos on our list, it does have dozens of titles that you may view. Popular anime shows such as One Punch Man, One Piece, Toriko, and Fairy Tail are among them. The majority of anime videos on Tubi TV are dubbed for the benefit of English speakers.

Tubi TV’s image quality isn’t outstanding. Users may pick between multiple video quality levels when watching anime on the internet, with 72op being the highest. It’s hardly the end of the world, but watching movies in full HD or higher gives you a more immersive experience.

22. Hulu


Hulu, one of the world’s most popular streaming services, is a great place to watch anime episodes and movies. Hulu is most known for its original series, TV episodes, and movies, but it also boasts a big anime collection.

You can watch anime programmes like One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan on this website. Most anime series are dubbed in English. However, anime films are more likely to be subtitled in this region. Akira, K Missing Kings, Afro Samurai Resurrection, and Fairy Tail the Movie are among them.

23. Masterani


Masterani is one of the top anime streaming sites due to its enormous library of anime videos, user-friendly design, and HD video streaming. Thousands of anime titles, including series and movies, are available here.

Because the anime website is updated on a regular basis, visitors and dedicated users do not have to wait for new episodes of their favourite anime series. Movies, on the other hand, don’t get the same attention; you’ll see a lot of old flicks here. On the positive side, it’s currently one of the greatest anime websites for watching classic movies.

Masterani has a dark complexion and a contemporary appearance. The videos have been divided into genres. A decent search engine will provide results that include phrases related to your search query. Site visitors may also discuss their favourites in a pop-up chat window.

24. Animeland


Another fantastic anime choice. Animeland is an excellent resource for streaming dubbed anime programmes and movies. The majority of the videos on this page are dubs of the original Japanese. However, they do have subtitles.

Animeland’s website is a little out of date, with a design that appears to have been made decades ago. Nonetheless, the user interface is clean, making navigation and operation straightforward. The categories, which include Dubbed Anime List, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Shippuden, and One Piece, aren’t really useful for locating anime that aren’t included. The search option is functional, but you must first know the name of the anime.

In contrast, anime streaming is flawless, with video quality options ranging from 360p to 1080p. You may save videos and watch them later by using the download option.

25. AnimeShow


Another fantastic anime choice. The anime list on AnimeShow demonstrates why it is one of the greatest free anime websites on the internet to watch videos. The AnimeShow catalogue is extensive, including titles both well-known and obscure.

The design of the website is simple. As frosting on the cake, there is no learning curve and extremely little advertising. There are many distinct kinds of anime. The front page, like many other free anime sites, offers the most recently published episodes.

26. AsianCrush


Another fantastic anime choice. AsianCrush is not an anime website in and of itself. The streaming service provides a wide range of Asian films and television shows. Anime is one of these genres, with dozens of titles.

It is not necessary to register to access the website. However, you must be registered and signed in to access some of the material. A paid subscription to AsianCrush allows you to use the whole service.

Regardless, the website is enjoyable to use, although it is not the most user-friendly. Because there are no categories for anime, you must use the search box to narrow your options.

27. NaurtoGet


Another fantastic anime choice. NarutoGet, as the name suggests, is an anime website dedicated to Naruto fans. It is one of the most popular Naruto fan spots. The Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto anime series, as well as Naruto movies and comics, are included on the website. Naruto-themed fonts may also be downloaded.

Here you may find all the Naruto Shippuden and Boruto videos, both subtitled and dubbed. For seamless playback, you may select from a variety of video sources. Each video player includes download links, so you may store them for later viewing. NarutoGet supports standard definition, HD, and Full HD video quality.

28. CONtv


Another fantastic CartoonsOn alternative. CONTV will definitely appeal to fans of comic books. This streaming service caters to the Comic-Con community, offering exclusive programming and access to events throughout the country.

CONtv’s video library contains a wide range of content. Among the genres featured in films and television shows are horror, supernatural, action, and horror. More importantly, the website provides a vast selection of free anime to watch.

Aside from that, CONtv provides customers with access to behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, conversations, reviews, and other Comic-Con content. It is available in both a free and a premium version.

29. VIZ


Another fantastic anime choice. VIZ has been a manga industry pioneer for over three decades, generating both new and classic anime shows. It is credited with introducing Japanese pop culture to the United States, and it has since become the dominant manga provider in the country.

It currently provides anime series ranging from the classic Ranma 1/2 to the most recent Boruto episode. Users may save their favourite shows in their own library to make binge-watching simpler.

30. Fire Anime


Another fantastic anime choice. Although Fire Anime is not a standalone streaming site like the others on our list, it does collect good connections from anime websites all over the internet. Fire Anime: Extra Anime, Popular Anime, Latest Subbed Anime, New Seasons, All Anime, and Settings are the primary categories of Fire Anime. You’ll love Fire Anime if you have a streaming device like the Amazon Firestick!


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