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17 Best Sites Like Dramanice To Watch Kdrama Online Free

Dramanice used to offer the most attractive website for downloading KDramas. The site also has Chinese and Japanese drama broadcasts in addition to Korean dramas. The website “Dramanice so” is jam-packed with old and current Kdramas, as well as subtitled videos. The category menu contains nothing useful. To navigate the Dramanice, use the search bar and alphabetical menu.

17 Best Sites Like dramanice To Watch Kdrama In 2022

Following is the list of best sites like Dramanice to watch Kdrama online Free in 2022.

1. Viki


The first on the list is Rakuten’s Viki.com, which allows you to watch Kdrama programmes online. It’s a well-known alternative to Dramanice for watching Korean dramas online, and it’s accessible from nearly every country and area. Train to Busan, I Live Alone, and more films are available to watch.

It’s possible that your best buddy and family may not live in the same city or house. Don’t let that stop you from watching your favourite K-Drama with your friends using the Watch Party function. The best aspect is that the website offers subtitles created by volunteers, allowing users to watch Korean dramas in different languages.

You can watch Kdrama on your smartphone, smart TV, or computer using their official apps. Unfortunately, too many advertisements on Viki might detract from the user’s experience.

2. AnimeTv



The second option on the list is “Animetv,” which is a great alternative to Dramanice for Korean anime fans. Millions of people from all around the world use our free Kdrama site on a regular basis. The domain name of AnimeTV has been modified, and the website interface has been changed.

One of the website’s most notable characteristics is that it allows users to watch Korean anime episodes even if their internet connection is sluggish. Animetv has a good collection of Korean drama episodes and series. On this website, you can also watch Naruto: Shippuden and more anime for free. Fortunately, the service allows visitors to watch dramas without having to register.

3. Dramago


Another popular alternative to Dramanice for free Korean drama downloads is Dramago. Dragmogo.com has been decommissioned and replaced with Dragmogo.su. It allows users to search for top and super popular drama series, which saves viewers a significant amount of time. Not only that, but you can also download Kdrama series via the download option on the stream player. There are also 5 to 7 servers where you can watch Korean episodes. Finally, the website’s homepage features the latest drama releases, as well as a large number of series.

4. KissAsian


KissAsian is another well-known but vintage alternative to Dramanice that offers a variety of Korean drama series organised by genre. By this, we imply action, emotion, and love-related categories. Kingdom, Love Alarm, Running Alone, and more TV series may be found here. The nicest thing about this free Asian drama online website is how basic and straightforward it is.

Furthermore, the layout appears to be well-placed, with a few ad blocks in various locations. From the listing page, the visitor may easily stream or download dramas. You must be registered and logged in to download the video. You can even discover movies on KissAsian, which is perfectly legal to consume because it aggregates material from non-affiliated third parties.

5. Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video is a popular video-on-demand service that lets customers download and watch Korean dramas with English subtitles for free. Compared to the other websites on the list, Prime Video’s Korean video library is rather modest. You may now watch Korean movies on Prime Video in addition to Korean dramas.

Amazon has been hosting a watch party since the outbreak began. You may watch your favourite material on the OTT with someone who also has a PRIME subscription with this function. Fortunately, the website is free of advertising. You may also get the Amazon Prime Video app for your smartphone.

6. Dramacool


Dramacool is another well-known and well-respected alternative to Dramanice where you can watch and download Korean dramas for free. The shows on this website are in HD (High Definition) format. Their stream player and servers are comparable to those found on Dramago.

Navigation between serials and dramas is simple because of the layout. Apart from that, with a single click on the button, we can also download Korean shows. The bulk of Korean films and television series have English subtitles that can not be turned off. The best aspect is that the website is quite competitive and offers free access to a large range of Korean dramas.

7. New Asian TV


Another alternative to Dramanice. New Asian TV is next on the list, with top-notch HD quality shows. As the name implies, New Asian TV is the epicentre of all Korean, Japanese, and Asian dramas. This website has a large number of popular Korean dramas available for download.

New Asian TV deserves a place on our list of the best free Korean drama websites. It has a user-friendly design style that makes searching and scrolling easier for the user. Use the lights off function to conceal everything but the stream player. When viewing material in non-fullscreen mode, this comes in handy. The website is not available in all countries, which is the only drawback we discovered.

8. KShow123


We recommended the Dramanice alternative because of its content rehaul, which provides a wealth of Korean drama series. KShow123 is one of the top Kdrama websites, with the most recent series, movies, and a constantly updated collection.

Stream famous K-dramas such as Love in the Moonlight, The World of the Married, and Sky Castle. When viewing a show, you may even hide the ad block above the stream player. The video has English subtitles included in it.

For some reason, the caption button does not appear to operate. The Theatre Mode allows you to watch shows without going full-screen. While it redirects to a third-party site, the download option does not appear to operate.

9. Kocowa


If you live in North or South America, Kocowa is the best location to watch Korean drama series. Log in with your registered account or use the Facebook and Google social network logins.

With over 17,000 hours of new and old shows from Asian countries, you may watch K-Drama and K-variety material. All of the shows have accessible subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Other programmes may be offered depending on demand. Within 6 hours after the broadcast, all Korean shows are instantly available on the site. It’s a great alternative to Dramanice.

10. Viewasian.tv


Viewasian.tv is next on our list, with various Korean programmes. It’s an incredible alternative to Dramanice that showcases the greatest of Korean dramas. The layout benefits from the website’s traditional look. It also receives a large number of visitors each month.

It’s also one of the most reliable Korean drama sources in several nations. While watching the show, you may also change the video quality. They also have their own application that keeps users informed about new series that have been posted.

11. Netflix


There is no need to introduce the following webpage. Netflix has over 100 Korean TV shows and movies available. When it comes to online movie streaming, it is the first option for millions of people. Popular Netflix series include All of Us Are Dead and Memories of the Alhambra, among others.

It’s important to remember that it’s not free. You must pay a monthly subscription fee. In certain emerging areas, they do provide a free trial. On Netflix, you may easily locate a couple of the top Korean shows with English subtitles. Its a great alternative to Dramanice.

12. AsianCrush


Another great alternative to Dramanice for free Korean drama downloads is Asiancrush. They provide a large number of free programmes and movies. You can always subscribe to have access to the whole K-variety collection after that. The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, and Youth with You Season 2 are among the Chinese dramas available.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine which show to watch. Asiancrush has the answer with its random button. When you click it, a random K-Drama show will begin to stream. In poor countries, the free portal to watch shows is unavailable. AsianCrush is as popular as Netflix and Hulu, with millions of fans.

13. WeTV


WeTV is a relatively new Korean drama website, but its content library is rapidly growing. You may watch various Asian dramas and movies on this website in addition to Korean dramas. Tencent, the company behind the famous smartphone game PUBG, owns and operates WeTV.

They also have a WeTV original K-drama series that was created on the platform. WeTV offers native Android and iOS apps available for download from the relevant app stores. It’s a great alternative to Dramanice.

14. VIU


Another alternative to Drama nice. Viu is one of the most secure platforms for streaming Korean dramas online. VIU offers free content, and there is no need to create an account to access the site.

They serve 16 countries, mostly in the Middle East and East Asia. Viu offers popular shows like True Beauty and The Lady of Dignity, as well as countless others. The bulk of VIU’s programming is offered in high-definition format. VIU’s content library is updated on a regular basis.

15. Hulu 


Another alternative to Dramanice. If you’ve made it this far, here’s a Korean drama bonus website for you. Hulu is another Walt Disney-owned and controlled subscription video-on-demand service situated in the United States.

Hulu offers older classic comedies and TV shows in addition to current Korean dramas and films. Unlike Kocowa, Hulu is available in nearly every country, and it even offers native Android and iOS apps. Hulu offers high video quality as well as fast streaming speeds.

Although Hulu is a paid service, it is often combined with other products and services. The service is now available in the United States and Japan.

16. Fix Drama


Fix Drama, formerly known as Viewasian Mirror, is the finest location for viewing South Korean dramas. You may also watch Chinese, Hong Kong, and Thai dramas and movies in addition to new K dramas and movies. English subtitles are incorporated into all of the shows and cannot be turned off. Downloading Korean shows straight from the stream player is an option.

The bulk of the films and television series are in HD or above. In terms of quality, the player’s gear icon may be used to control it. Its a finest substitute to Drama nice.

17. FastDrama


With a basic user interface, FastDrama, often known as Fdrama, makes things easy. Thanks to the lightweight webpage, you can watch Kdrama on mobiles, TVs, and laptops with ease.

Choose a show to watch, and it will redirect you to a third-party URL for the stream in some cases. The caption button is functional here. To use the subtitles option, click the CC button just like on YouTube. Aside from that, you may obtain Korean subtitles directly from the streaming website. To download an episode, choose it and click the download option.


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