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12 Best Image Converter Software You Should Try in 2022

You may easily image converter software format to the format you choose with the use of an image converter program. Whether you need to send in documents to be checked or sign up for a website, you now have to upload images. Software for image conversion makes it easier to convert files from one format to another.

Image converter software will be helpful if you need to use a file but the format is not supported.  With different software, image converter software can be changed to JPG, BMP, and many other file types. You may have seen an error message stating that the file format is not supported if you have converted any photos online. If you can’t use a certain photo on a website, file conversion using image converter software is often the ideal solution.  The majority of software programmes provide unique features for adjusting a photo’s attributes.  These could include applications for simple photo editing, data compression, and file renaming that let you shrink the size of the files.

12 Best Image Converter Software You Should Try in 2022

For storing pictorial information, there are a plethora of image file formats. Some of the widely used image formats are JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, and PNG.So, the Windows image converter software makes it easier to change from one type of image file to another. This blog will walk you through the top 12 image converter software that can finish the job quickly.

1. AVS Image Converter

This utility provides a comprehensive answer to all of your requirements for image conversion. With this free software, you can change photos into a number of different formats. It is a portable utility with support for several languages. Using this fantastic tool, you can give your photographs a vintage feel or a black-and-white impact. This programme also allows for the resizing of photos.  This application image converter software also makes it simple for you to easily apply a custom watermark to your photographs.

2. Image Converter

Here is Microsoft’s own software in this area, called Image Converter, if you’re looking for an image converter software. This free utility is accessible on mobile devices, HoloLens, and Windows PCs as well. Even when used in offline mode, it helps with batch conversion of pictures from one format to another.  Even when the programme is operating in minimised mode, the UI is efficient and makes it easy to convert the image formats.

3. Total Image Converter

Total Image Converter

Total Image Converter is our second choice for free software that lets you change images.
This application is strong and transforms graphic files into more than 30 different formats, making it more than just batch image converter software. Additionally, you may rotate a batch of photographs at once, merge many images into a single PDF, and resize photos collectively by uploading them in a batch.  When you have this tool at your disposal, image retouching and optimization are quite simple.

4. Coolutils Converter

Coolutils Converter

Here is your one-stop shop for everything you need for conversion. You can easily change any file from one of the above input formats to one of the above output formats. This easy-to-use online image converter software also lets you export files in different formats into EDS formats. Even data recovery through e-discovery or computer forensics is now possible. A GUI may be used to execute the software.  The tool’s trial version may be used to convert file formats in bulk.  For $169.00, you may get the full licence.

5. Zamzar


This online image converter software makes it simple to change the popular picture and graphic formats. From the email or the links on the download page, users may download the converted files. Even though it can convert many files at once, you have to download them one at a time.

6. XnConvert

XnConvertYou can batch-convert several pictures with XnConvert.  It has a tonne of sophisticated features and supports 500 or so input types.  On the download page, you may also get a portable version of this cross-platform image converter software for Windows. In addition, it offers photo resizing.

7. FileZigZag


With our free online image converter software, you can change common graphic formats into ones that can be used as output. By dragging and dropping your files, you can easily get the converted images without having to sign up or subscribe. Also, the information and photos you send are automatically deleted from their servers after 30 minutes. This makes the service very safe and secure.

8. Adapter


This is surely potent software to quickly convert photographs for Windows, with a straightforward user interface.  Drag and drop the photos into the queue, then wait while the programme converts them to the necessary format. The tool also has advanced options for changing image resolutions and making other changes that affect quality.

9. VieasEX


You can download this utility if you’re seeking a free image converter software with plenty of handy features. Make individual image conversions with this software. Along with image conversions, it also makes free image rotation, scaling, and other features possible.

10. SendTo-Convert


Have you been seeking a gadget that will instantly satisfy your needs?  Then this programme is for you. All you have to do to convert photographs is right-click on one or more of them and choose the option to send them to “SentTo-Convert.” This Windows image converter software utility also comes in a portable form.

11. BatchPhoto Espresso

BatchPhoto Espresso

Our last choice is BatchPhoto Espresso, which is another online image converter app that makes it easy and quick to change the size, crop, rotate, and add special effects to your photos.

12. Fast Stone Photo Resizer

Fast Stone Photo Resizer

For Windows, the finest image converter app is Fast Stone Photo Resizer.  It gives the user the option to watermark, rotate, resize, crop, modify colour depth, and convert photographs.  When using the software in batch mode, it is simple and quick.  The software can process numerous photos at once since it supports the multithreading option. Since 2008, the software has been upgraded, and there are currently more than 18 versions available.  The most recent upgrade has increased software performance by five times.


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