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LimeTorrents Alternatives: 30 Best Similar Torrent Search Engine

LimeTorrents is a trustworthy torrent site that offers movies, TV series, programs, software, anime movies, games, and other material. All of these torrents may be found on Torrent Lime by using the advanced search box or by going directly to the top torrents and latest torrent categories.

LimeTorrents is a torrent search engine that does not host the files of other torrent providers, instead relying on a mechanism for collecting and disseminating its own user-contributed torrents. It also allows users to download legal, adult-free torrent content.

LimeTorrents strictly prohibits the search for torrent files. Avoid LimeTorrents if you’re an aficionado seeking adult-themed torrent downloads. You are free to use Lime Torrents to distribute torrent files. Simply create a Lime Torrent account and begin free torrent file uploading.

Limetorrents Proxy/Mirror List 2022

Limetorrents mirrors are hosted in countries where the service has not yet been prohibited. So, even if you can’t use LimeTorrent directly, you’ll always be able to access your favourite torrent site, Lime Torrent, using LimeTorrent proxies and mirrors.

Limetorrents proxy/Mirror Proxy URL
limetorrents.xyz http://limetorrents.xyz/
www.limetorrents.asia https://www.limetorrents.asia/ (Official)
www.limetorrents.info https://www.limetorrents.info/ (Official)
www.limetor.com https://www.limetor.com/ (Official)
www.limetorrents.in http://www.limetorrents.in/
www.btdigg.in/limetorrents http://www.btdigg.in/limetorrents/
limetorrents unblocked proxy list visit here (Not verified)
limetorrents.link http://limetorrents.link/
limetorrents.unblocked.gold https://limetorrents.unblocked.gold/
limetorrents.bypassed.gold https://limetorrents.bypassed.gold/
limetorrents.immunicity.gold https://limetorrents.immunicity.gold/
www.limetor.club https://www.limetor.club/ (Official)
www.limetorrents.co https://www.limetorrents.co/ (Official)
limetorrents.unblocked.cam https://limetorrents.unblocked.cam/
limetorrents proxy uk visit here (Slow)

Is it legal and safe to use LimeTorrents?

Torrent Lime

The website of LimeTorrents is completely secure. You may access the courses or your torrent documents by using the Torrent Lime search engine. Following that, the file may be selected and downloaded. The page loads quickly and is devoid of popups, advertisements, and a jumble of hyperlinks.

It does, however, use peer-to-peer BitTorrent technology, which, like other torrenting services, allows you to transmit files between customers when nothing is available on its servers.

30 Best Websites Like Limetorrents – Best Torrent Search Engine In 2022

Let’s take a look at the top 30 websites like limetorrents in 2022. Some of the top lime Torrents alternatives are as follows:


Torrent Lime

BTDB is a BitTorrent database-powered torrent search engine. You may come across a wide range of unauthorised content, including movies, TV series, anime films, and e-books and software. This top-tier torrent engine prioritises community participation and only uploads high-quality content. Videos are uploaded in the greatest possible quality, which is a 10-bit H265 codec video with a 4K resolution. The download speeds will be quick because of the large number of seeders.

2. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Lime

Torrent Galaxy is an entirely free online community where you may download everything, including movies, music, software, games, documentaries, and courses. The most appealing aspect of this service is that it only provides verified torrents with authentic connections. The peer-to-peer torrent service is fully free and accessible from anywhere on the globe.

The site’s structure is straightforward, and the sophisticated search box makes it simple to locate your favourite torrent. The name, tag, or any other relevant information about the torrent must be provided. In a fraction of a second, it will display all comparable results and allow you to freely pick and download any of them.

3. Kinozal.tv

Torrent Lime

Kinozal.tv is a Russian-language movie website that allows customers to quickly and easily download all Russian industry films. The website includes movie-related genres such as historical, drama, adventure, action, sci-fi, and others. To uncover new movies, users may refine their search by using the website’s multiple choices, such as the year filter. Users may also use the nation filter to see which movies are available in various countries.

4. SeedPeer

Torrent Lime

SeedPeer is a tiny but strong torrent service that strives to maintain its environment as clean, fast, and reliable as possible. This torrent site is suitable for all users and is accessible from anywhere on the planet. This enables you to download torrent files containing movies, software, games, and other products.

The site’s layout is straightforward, and there are various methods for finding what you’re looking for, including browsing categories, recent searches, and an advanced search box where you can enter the name of the item or tag you’re looking for. SeedPeer is a completely free, global torrent service that can be used from anywhere on the planet.

5. Extratorrent2

Torrent Lime

Extratorrent2 is a digital content sharing network that focuses on movies, applications, and software. It enables BitTorrent protocol users to look for, download, and share magnet links and files that support peer-to-peer file sharing. The website is widely regarded as one of the most popular platforms for distributing various types of material.

You may use it to locate and download movies, software, applications, games, and other digital content instantly. The most appealing element of this site is that it has several areas to explore, including Browse Torrent, Top 100, Music, and TV Shows, all of which save time.

6. Library Genesis

Torrent Lime

Library Genesis (abbreviated LibGen) is a straightforward search engine that lets you download articles and ebooks on a variety of subjects. It is a free search engine that contains millions of ebooks that are continuously updated with fresh material in order to provide a full and thorough experience.

This website’s articles and ebooks are divided into several categories. Each section has its own collection of articles and ebooks to choose from and download for free. There’s also a search box where you may type in the title of the book you wish to read.

7. Nyaa

Torrent Lime

Nyaa.se is no longer available. It was a well-known BitTorrent anime movie torrent service in Japan. The site was the greatest torrent site, with a wealth of options for people who enjoy animated films of all kinds. They will discover a diverse selection of anime films at Nyaa.

They will also be able to watch adult-oriented anime films here. Nyaa is believed to have one of the greatest numbers of people who like watching anime films. It may also be used to find torrent files in the fields of cinema, music, software, photographs, literature, action, and other animated films.


Torrent Lime

TorrentHounds is a software application that searches the internet for the greatest torrents. There are several torrent services available, but the most important thing is to choose the best and most distinctive one. TorrentHounds is a similar site that delivers thousands of torrent files.

9. Torrentz.to

Torrent Lime

Torrentz.to is the world’s most popular torrent search engine, claiming to be the most powerful and reliable torrent file search engine. It is one of the massive platforms that has collected billions of torrent files from over a dozen torrent sources on a daily basis.

Torrentz is a free torrent service as well as a fast torrent file meta-search engine. It is backed by dozens of other major torrent distributors and has its own independent torrent search engine. Those who wish to share their own torrents with others may do so as well.

10. KAT.cr.to

Torrent Lime

KAT.cr.to is a massive torrent download and upload service that allows torrents as well as Metalink downloads. This may be used to download files using a torrent client or any other download manager.

KAT is a free torrent search engine that provides torrent files of all categories. It has its own torrent route and never uses torrents from other sites. The most major benefit of utilising KAT.cr is that it is one of the few top platforms that is always updated with new and updated information. Is it legal and safe to use lime torrents?

11. SumoTorrent

Torrent Lime

SumoTorrent is a torrenting service that is both quick and secure. This torrent site may help you search and download a wide range of movies, music, television shows, publications, and other products.


  • Almost every day, the most recent files are updated.
  • It allows you to quickly scan hundreds of smaller-sized websites.
  • It gives you a URL where you can download and install software on your computer.
  • SumoTorrent currently has over 4 million unique and strange torrents in its index.

12. iDope

Torrent Lime

IDope is a fully functional torrent website where you may download the most recent and popular torrents. It includes a simple user interface that makes searching for and downloading torrents simple.


  • You may use iDope to find and download your favourite movies, games, and software.
  • On a clean and user-friendly website, it provides a straightforward search and browsing experience.
  • It lets you search for and download anything, as well as browse through categories including videos, movies, music, games, and web series.
  • Torrents are accessible in several languages.

13. Demonoid

Torrent Lime

Demonoid is a free streaming and torrenting service that lets you download torrents without having to register. It has a database with over 800,000 data bursts, which a large number of people use.


  • It ensures that downloads are finished as soon as possible and that the information given is correct.
  • Torrents may be searched for by genre, language, and location.
  • It allows you to search torrents by just typing keywords into the search field.
  • You may upload your torrent using our Liteorrent proxy service.
  • You may read what others have said on their forums.

14. TorrentFunk

Torrent Lime

TorrentFunk is a quick and safe BitTorrent search engine for movie fans all around the world. This torrenting and streaming website has a very user-friendly layout where you can type in the title of your movie or any other words to locate the perfect movie to watch.


  • You may use this function to look for any title by its title.
  • Our Limetorrent proxy service allows you to download a limitless number of movies, TV shows, games, software, and music.
  • Movies, web series, games, music, software, anime, ebooks, and other genres are available.
  • You may look for information such as the date, size, seeds, peers, and uploader.

15. Kickass

Torrent Lime

Kickass Torrents is a well-known torrent website that has been active for a long time and receives millions of monthly visitors. This online torrenting application uses the BitTorrent protocol to establish a P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing system for downloading free movies online.


  • It enables you to instantly search the web for any answer.
  • Torrents may be classified into categories including movies, TV shows, games, music, and news.
  • This tool may help you find TV shows, web series, movies, music, and games.
  • On the Kickass site’s homepage, you may search for the top 100 torrents.

16. Libgen

Torrent Lime

Libgen is a simple torrent client that lets you search for titles directly in the search bar. The primary area has 3 million files. You may use this tool to filter your download type, show results, and the number of results per page.


  • You may post your torrent files here.
  • There are torrents covering a variety of themes, including technology, art, trade, history, and linguistics.
  • It allows you to study reputable literature, periodicals, comics, art, and other materials.
  • Among those promoted are online portals.

17. Rarbg

Torrent Lime

RARBG is a torrent site that specialises in movies and television series. There are various sections on the torrent site for games, music, software, sexual material, and other downloads. It provides the most recent information regarding the entertainment industry.


  • The most recent releases are available in HD, Blu-ray, and Web Rip formats.
  • It makes visualising easier.
  • Sort by video quality for a more advanced search.
  • Magnet links and torrent files are examples of P2P file types.
  • Among those promoted are online portals.

18. YTS

Torrent Lime

YTS’s main competitor is Torrent Lime, which provides access to over a million files. This torrent site provides the largest collection of high-quality movies. It has a vast quantity of torrents with several seeds.


  • It has a live interactive search function.
  • You may download movies by quality, genre, rating, year, and language.
  • Extensive information about movies and television shows.
  • There are movie thumbnails, trailers, and comparable films.
  • Everything has been well planned and managed.
  • Among those promoted are online portals.

19. Torrent2DDL

Torrent Lime

Torrent2DDL is a service that translates torrent URLs into consumer-friendly direct download links. The platform offers a straightforward user interface and a torrent file submission section in the centre of the page. Users can enter the magnet link directly into the box or choose one from Uptobox.com or other websites.

The website turns the whole torrent file URL into a direct download link, allowing users to access the files in a simple and straightforward method without the need to install any extra software.

20. Toorgle

Torrent Lime

Toorgle is a Google-powered internet search engine that allows users to discover relevant information as well as browse available torrent downloads. The service simultaneously monitors over 450 torrent-related websites and returns the best results for each search.

With over 55,000 torrent indexes, a Facebook application, and the Firebox search bar, Toorgle is presently one of the most popular torrent search engines. It has a Google-like search bar that allows the user to search for different themes and download different commodities such as movies, videos, and games.

21. BTDigg

Torrent Lime

BTDigg is a real-time BitTorrent DHT search engine that analyses the DHT network. It allows for full-text searches and the preservation of active torrents in Asian and European languages.

BTDigg is a completely legal system distinguished by two characteristics: decentralisation and unicity. With the exception of private trackers, decentralisation implies that the platform allows users to search within or outside of the torrent ecosystem. Unicity, on the other hand, recognises that there is no equivalent due to distinguishing traits.

22. Torrentz2

Torrent Lime

Torrentz2 is a strong metasearch engine that aggregates the results of several different search engines. It is completely free to use an online portal with millions of people from all over the world at any time and from any location.

The platform’s user interface is straightforward and straightforward, with only two blocks: the user menu and the search panel. The fact that no registration or other personal information is required to download or view the material is one of the most addicting and wonderful aspects of this platform.

23. Mininova

Torrent Lime

Mininova is an online torrent search engine and directory. Its goal is to provide a simple directory and search engine for all sorts of torrent files. Visitors to Mininova may upload torrents anonymously and have them monitored by any BitTorrent tracker.

Mininova contains torrent files for anime, books, games, movies, music, books, photographs, software, TV shows, and TV series, among other things. Mininova, on the other hand, does not have as extensive a torrent directory as the other torrent sites. As a result, there’s a risk you won’t be able to locate the torrent file you’re looking for, which might be frustrating.

24. BitSnoop

Torrent Lime

BitSnoop is a peer-to-peer torrent service that works on a network of peers. It provides hundreds of thousands of torrent files, but if they are invalid, they are useless. BitSnoop’s unique characteristic is that it always provides real torrent files to its consumers. It assures that its clients will receive enough seeds to download torrent files as quickly as feasible.

25. TorrentReactor

Torrent Lime

Torrent Reactor has millions of legitimate torrents and the most recent torrents, making it one of the most active torrent distributors on the internet. Adult, anime, music, movies, series, TV shows, seasons, episodes, and many more are among the torrent file genres offered.

Torrent Reactor visitors may now search for torrents using the most popular and up-to-date torrent alternatives. The key feature of Torrent Reactor is its powerful search engine technology, which confirms that users have correctly entered the word “torrent.” By allowing users to exchange torrent files, Torrent Reactor surpasses the competition.

26. HD Movie Center

Torrent Lime

LimeTorrents is a formidable rival, allowing you to search torrents by title and cast. It has a simple interface that speeds up the search and download procedure. You may look for movies based on their release year, user rating, runtime, country, and language. It lets you store movies on your profile and search for a list of movies to download torrents from. The latest news from the film and entertainment industries may be found here.

27. The Pirate Bay

Torrent Lime

The Pirate Bay is a slicker version of the LimeTorrents website where you can download torrent files for movies, music, games, books, and other stuff. It’s a significant competitor to LimeTorrents when it comes to acquiring torrent files for nearly nothing.


  • It is a formidable rival to LimeTorrents since it is the most trustworthy site with few outages.
  • You may find TV series, movies, software, and games on this website.
  • It allows you to search the Internet for the torrent you’re looking for.
  • It filters movies, apps, games, and sexual content, among other things.

28. IsoHunt

Torrent Lime

LimeTorrents, BitTorrent’s most trustworthy and approved peer-to-peer torrent infrastructure, is a key rival to IsoHunt. It contains an online database with hundreds of thousands of torrent files in a variety of formats, including music, videos, movies, books, software, and applications.


  • This Torrent lime substitute is completely free to use.
  • It is a well-known torrenting website.
  • You are legally permitted to download an unlimited number of torrent files.

29. EZTV

Torrent Lime

EZTV is the website that replaces the LimeTorrents website, which provides recordings of sports programmes from various TV stations across the world. This torrenting service is quite useful for individuals who wish to generate their own torrents.

  • EZTV includes eight video content categories as well as 10 discussion threads covering a variety of torrenting themes.
  • It allows you to sort and filter your videos based on their quality.
  • This Limetorrent proxy provides access to various torrent mirrors.
  • It allows you to look for certain movies.
  • There isn’t a lot of advertising on it.

30. Torrends

Torrent Lime

Torrends is a collection of popular torrent sites such as the Pirate Bay, 1337x, and Nyaa. It provides specialised private torrent trackers.


  • Torrents can be categorised as movies and TV shows, music, games, books, anime, and so on.
  • Using the torrent search proxy tool, you may unblock all verified torrent sites.
  • It establishes a direct connection to the torrent proxy server.
  • It allows you to immediately search for restricted torrent sites from within the torrent search.


What precisely are lime-torrent mirror sites, and why do they exist?

The primary domain of TorrentLime.com is Torrent Lime. Assume, however, that you will not be able to access it. In this instance, there are several LimeTorrents unblocking solutions accessible to help you obtain access to the site. A mirror site is a duplicate of a website hosted on a separate server.

In most cases, it will have the same Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as the parent website. The subdomain and domain, on the other hand, will be quite different. These sites are especially handy when a domain’s server is overwhelmed with traffic.

What exactly is the problem with the Lime Torrents block?

Torrent Lime is a popular website for finding torrent files, such as music, movies, and games, that you wish to download. However, due to copyright violations, the LimeTorrents website has been blocked in a number of countries, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and others.


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