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Top 35 Best Sites Like Manganelo To Read Manga Online For Free

Manganelo is a fantastic online manga portal that allows users to read manga for free. It has collection of well-known and lesser-known manga titles will not let you down.

Shoujo-ai, Manhua, Shounen, Webtoons, and a large collection of pornographic titles are just a few of the genres it covers. When you visit or Manganelo.TV, you are greeted by the week’s most popular manga as well as a list of all-time favourite genres.

We also like how their manga submissions include a timestamp, which shows when an update was made. Manganelo’s only flaw is a lack of community participation.

35 Best Sites Like Manganelo To Read Manga Online In 2022

Here is the list of best sites like to read manga online for free.

1. Honto


Honto has a wide range of manga volumes in a variety of popular genres. Honto also has a user-friendly design, making it simple to find your favourite manga comic. All of the manga comics on Honto are free to download, but the number of manga titles available in languages other than English is quite limited. Honto is the manga website to go to if you want to immerse yourself in the story.

2. MangaDoom


MangaDoom is another Manganelo option, and it, like the other websites listed in this post, provides a large collection of manga comics available for download. All manga titles on MangaDoom’s website are available for free reading. MangaDoom’s website structure is straightforward, featuring key sections such as Popular Updates, Popular Manga, the Genres section, and the Comments section.

MangaDoom’s users get access to a unique feature in the form of a chatbox. It is a viable alternative if you wish to communicate with other manga readers about the manga you are reading.

3. AnimePlanet 


AnimePlanet is another alternative for reading your favourite manga comics. It has a large manga library, and the site’s material is updated on a regular basis. This website also allows you to watch your favourite anime series in addition to manga. The site has a straightforward user interface.

There’s no need to sign up to read or watch your favourite manga or anime. There are no pop-up ads on the website, so it is completely free. AnimePlanet may be accessed from any device. You should give it a go.

4. TenManga


TenManga includes a large selection of manga to read as well as many more to explore. You may find your favourite manga comic by using the search feature. The TenManga website includes a large library of comics in a variety of genres.

If you’re not sure what to read or want to learn something new, the TenManga site features a unique feature called “Surprise,” which you may use. Its website has a user-friendly interface. One of the key advantages of our site is that there is no advertising to distract you while you read. It’s a terrific site that you should check out.

5. KissManga


Another Manganelo option is KissManga. Although it has a modest collection, it has high-quality content. The comic library is updated regularly to ensure that you have access to the most recent chapters of your favourite manga. It notifies you of any new chapters that have been added.

The user interface is straightforward and intuitive. The site is safe and appropriate for children. You will not be distracted while reading because there is no advertising. It may also be accessed from any platform.

6. MangaHere


MangaHere is another fantastic Manganelo com choice. The site has a large number of comics organised by categories such as romance, action, humour, supernatural, and more. Its database is updated on a regular basis. The website has a really attractive design. It contains a search tool to help you discover your manga, as well as a “Manga Spoilers & News” page that keeps you up to speed on manga news and updates. The user interface is straightforward. There will be no advertisements to interrupt your reading of the comic.

7. Mangago


Mangago is the best option among the rest. The site has a lot of handy features in its beta version. The site has a large database with all of the most popular manga, such as Naruto, Astro Boy, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and many more. The website will not let you down, and it contains something for individuals of all ages.

The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. The site has a unique feed area for updates. You can ask your questions in one of the website’s sections. It doesn’t have any pop-up ads and can be used on any platform. It comes with a strong recommendation.

8. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is a website where you can read manga as well as watch anime and cartoons. A limited but constantly updated manga collection may be found on the site. The site features a search option to help you locate what you’re searching for. The user interface is simple to use. Free content is available on the website. There are no pop-up ads on the site, and it is accessible across all platforms.

9. MangaFox


MangaFox is an excellent Manganelo substitute. It will satiate your manga comic cravings. Unfortunately, MangaFox has become so well-known and popular among its admirers that there are multiple fake MangaFox websites. The original colour palette for MangaFox was orange, black, and white. has run it. It’s a really user-friendly website for comics, and the adaptive zoom feature makes for a great reading experience. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both have the official app accessible for download.

10. Bookwalker


Mangago, the substitute, is the best place to go to read manga. The website’s beta version has a number of useful features. The website has a large library of manga comics as well as the top manga comics. The collection includes Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, One-Piece, and many other comics. The site is easy to navigate and contains a section for your feeds and updates. You are also welcome to make inquiries there. There will be no pop-up ads to disturb you. It is the most well-known and popular manga alternative website.


Manganelo is a website that is quite similar to Manganelo and serves as a good replacement. It gives you access to all of the latest manga in one place. The site’s content has been divided into categories such as romance, science fiction, comedy, fantasy, horror, and more.

You may bookmark your favourite manga on the site so that you can easily discover it the next time you visit. The user interface is clear and easy to navigate. The site is 100% free and does not require an account. It is compatible with all systems. The only drawback is the frequency with which ads are displayed.

12. MangaKakalot


MangaKakalot is a Manganelo substitute. It’s a regular website with a straightforward design. There is a good range of comics on the site. It allows you to look for the manga you’re looking for. Even youngsters will find this site’s UI extremely user-friendly. This webpage operates without stuttering or pauses. It is completely free and available on any platform.

13. MangaReborn


MangaReborn is a fun Manganelo alternative. The site is straightforward, yet it contains some important information for readers. The user experience on this website has been kept simple and straightforward. The site has a news area where you can stay up with the latest manga news. It might be necessary for you to register at some time. The site is 100% free, with no annoying advertisements, and it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

14. Comixology


Comixology is a cloud-based replacement. It has over a lakh of comics for you to peruse. You may use your Android phone, Kindle, iOS device, or Windows PC to install the software.

The website was launched in 2007 and was purchased by Amazon in 2014. The Comixology website is currently run by Amazon. You may find a broad variety of comics on the internet, including Chinese, American, and Korean manga, among others. The look of the website is elegant, but the content is not.

15. MangaPanda


Manganelo can be replaced with MangaPanda. The site is straightforward, with a vast selection of manga comics spanning a wide range of genres, including humour, romance, action, and so on. The site’s collection is updated on a regular basis. On the website, you may also watch anime and Chinese movies.

MangaPanda offers a simple and user-friendly interface. The site is good, but because of the sexual material and the absence of an option to turn it off, I wouldn’t suggest it to children. The site is accessible from almost any device and includes an app. Despite the fact that the site is free, you may be annoyed by the frequent display of advertisements.

16. Mangairo


Another site where you may find your favourite manga is Mangairo. The site has a wide range of manga comics, from the most well-known to the most recent. Mangairo’s manga library is updated on a regular basis. You may use the search box to find your favourite manga, or it is sorted by genre for your convenience. The comics are also available in a number of different languages. The most popular manga series of the time are included.

The site has a straightforward, user-friendly layout. Mangairo is an ad-free site with a number of platforms where you can read your favourite comics without interruption.

17. ComicWalker


ComicWalker is a Manganelo substitute that gathers all of the most popular manga comics in one place. The website contains over 200 mangas, and you can quickly search for them by title and genre. The website is also available in three other languages. A comic walker may be used on a variety of devices.

18. Renta


Renta is one of the greatest Manganelo alternatives on our list. It’s a manga rental company, as you might have guessed, where you can rent any manga title for 48 hours. If you need more time to read a manga comic, you can upgrade to unlimited time. It features a clean web design and a simple user experience. Furthermore, the homepage design appeals to visitors since it allows them to preview the current manga.

Renta has a large manga comics library, with the majority of the titles on their site falling within the romance manga genres of shojo, erotica, and harlequin.

19. MangaDex


MangaDex is a website where you may find a large manga library for your enjoyment. The site has a fair amount of reading material. Despite the poor quality of the content, MangaDex updates it often. You may use it to find the manga you’re looking for.

The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. You are not bothered by the advertisements that appear on the site. MangaDex is easily available on any device.

20. Mangainn


If you’re new to manga and aren’t sure where to begin, Mangainn is the ideal place to start. This website has a simple user interface, but you’ll like reading it. My favourite part of this website is that there are no advertisements. You can read for a long time. The quality and selection are superb, and you will have a great time reading manga here.

21. MangaPlus


With the largest quantity of comics, Manga Plus is one of the top free Manganelo alternatives. You’ll be able to discover both new and old comics in this section. This website is fun to use and loads rapidly. It’s the best place to watch Naruto and Dragon Ball Super. It would be beneficial if you came here at least once.

22. MangaReader 


Another alternative for reading your favourite manga is MangaReader. MnagaReader has a similar look to MangaPanda. It has a standard library of manga comics that is regularly updated. You may even watch your favourite anime series on it. The site is not suited for minors due to certain adult content. The website may be unpleasant due to the continual pop-up advertisements. The site has an Android app available for download from the Google Play Store. MangaReader may be downloaded on a variety of devices.

23. MangaEden


MangaEden is the most popular Manganelo alternative. It’s an excellent site for manga aficionados, but it only has a small number of genres to pick from. The collection is constantly updated with the most recent items.

The user interface is basic and easy to use. Although the site is free to access, certain features require registration. There are no annoying commercials, and you can use it on any device.

24. MangaFreak


MangaFreak is the second best Manganelo option on our list. It has a large number of manga scanlation titles. It may not be as well-known as other free manga websites, but it has a lot to offer.

MangaFreak, for example, allows manga aficionados to pick up where they left off. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on many manga websites, despite the fact that it is beneficial to individuals who cannot finish a manga in one sitting. Another feature of MangaFreak that I appreciate is the download option, which allows you to download any manga you want for free if you don’t want to be online.

25. MangaOwl


MangaOwl is a good alternative to Manganelo. It has a large database of manga comics, including all the popular series. The content on the site is updated on a regular basis to ensure that you have access to the most recent chapters. MangaOwl allows you to search for your favourite manga.

The site includes an easy-to-use interface. It has a discussion board where you can share information or keep your co-readers informed. The site is ad-free to make your visit more pleasurable. You may access the site from any platform and will not be charged anything.

26. Mangapark


This site is simple and enjoyable, yet it has a large number of manga comics. It’s a good substitute for Manganelo. The collection includes a wide range of comics, including some of the most well-known manga. The website has a lot of cool features.

It has options for switching between bright and dark themes, turning off pornographic content, bookmarking your favourite comics, determining the number of photographs you want to see on a single page, an image zoom mode, and other settings. The user interface is attractive and easy to navigate. There are no pop-up advertisements. It may be used on any platform.

27. MangaTown 


MangaTown is one of the most popular Manganelo substitutes. It is home to a significant library of manga comics. Your favourite manga in a range of genres, including vampire, action, romance, adventure, and more, may be found on the well-organized website. Notifications for new releases, current hits, and a page where you can see all the comics you’ve completed reading are just a few of the amazing features on the site.

For further information, it has Facebook and Twitter accounts that may be followed. The website has a pleasant and easy-to-use interface. You may also share your favourite comics with your friends. This website does not use pop-up advertising. MangaTown is a free game that can be downloaded on a variety of devices.

28. ComicExtra


You may read the complete story on Comic Extra, a well-known comic website. These fantastic Manganelo alternatives have a lot of comics and animation series. DC and Marvel are the most well-known comic book companies. You may also read and download a large number of anime series, ensuring that you discover exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for your favourite cartoon or comic book, this is the place to go.

29. SenManga


Sen Manga has a new book out and has the most up-to-date manga novels. You must register an account on the website before you can read and download the most recent updated manga. The categories are listed in the following order: most recently posted, most popular, and manga of the day. Sen Manga features an easy-to-find series list. It’s possible that adding your favourite episodes and chapters to the mix will have a significant effect. It is the best manga and mangakisa-like website on the internet.



Another popular Japanese manga website is This is where you can find all of Japan’s manga and comics. Not only can you browse for new manga to read, but you can also share your own. You must first register before using services such as “read material,” “download manga,” and “upload manga.” Before you can add any content, you must first establish a chapter and a file series.

31. Nine Manga


This site is an excellent place to read manga online and is one of the best Manganelo alternatives. To figure out which book is the best fit for you, you must analyse each one. It would be helpful if you kept a reading list so that you could keep track of which novels are getting new chapters. To prevent being bored in the midst of a book, select one based on your interests.

32. MangaHub


MangaHub is a website where you can read the most recent adult manga. To view every manga on a website, you must first create an account. Manga may be found in the sections: Directory, Most Popular, and Updates. A new manga is released every day. It gives you access to a massive database where you can look for your favourite manga. On the manga website, you may do more than just read comics. You may now download whole manga chapters with translations and voice acting. You will be kept up to date on the latest news and developments in the manga industry. It is the best manga-like website on the internet.

33. Readms


The first stop should be at Readms. In my opinion, it’s wonderful for manga aficionados. The most popular manga titles are displayed on the front page. There will also be a sidebar with the most up-to-date information about new manga chapters. This website looks to have been made by nature and has less advertising than most others.

The website readms appears to be a community website where people can share and read comics. It includes a comprehensive list of manga titles as well as chapter titles, ratings, and publication dates.

34. Mangabat


Mangabat is another tool that may cut the bonds that connect your manga together. There are numerous comic books and chapters on this website, free Manganelo. Everything on this website is free, and you may read any volume or portion of the manga with only a single click.

You may quickly access the top view, the most recent, and the finished manga in MangaBat by using the menu. Manga may be divided into categories based on how popular it is, how long it has been, and what it is about. If you liked MangaShare in the past, you should go back and check it out today. Doraemon, Kingdom, and Tower of God are among the series that have finished all of their chapters and volumes.

35. Mangahome


Mangahome is a website where you can get a free download of any manga comic book, from ancient to new. Historical, adventure, romance, drama, yuri, tragedy, sports, mystery, and more genres are all available on Aside from that, a sophisticated search engine may help you find the exact comic book you’re looking for. There are options for searching Japanese manga, Korean manga, and Chinese manga by series name, author name, artist name, genre, year of release, rating, and whether or not the series has concluded.


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