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Top 30 Best Sites Like MangaDex To Read Manga For Free

Are you a MangaDex fan seeking a method to view all of the episodes of your favourite series without having to worry about data usage? If you answered yes, here is a list of places where you may start watching Manga right away.

MangaDex Alternatives, without a doubt, had a large collection of anime and mangadex alternatives 2022, but the site is no longer active. You might long for the days when all you had to do was put a series’ title into the search box and start viewing right away.

What Sets MangaDex Substitutes Apart?

Due to recent database breaches that exposed user information such as usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, and passwords, MangaDex is currently unavailable. While experts strive to mitigate the damage, many MangaDex users have already decided to migrate to a more secure anime and manga site.

30 Best Sites Like MangaDex To Read Manga Online for free In 2022

Here are the list of best sites like mangadex to read manga in 2022.

1. Manganelo


Manganelo is an online programme that allows manga enthusiasts to share and read a large number of comics. Manga may be seen without having to register on the website, which has a simple design. It is also free for the rest of the world. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

2. Mangapark


MangaPark is one of the ways manga consumers may get their hands on their favourite manga series. MangaPark’s darker aesthetic makes reading comics late at night a breeze. You may also submit your manga to MangaPark’s large manga community. The front page of the website features the most recent manga publications. The system’s finest feature is that it brings together the world’s largest groups of manga fans, allowing them to exchange an infinite number of manga. When compared to other similar websites, it stands out as a social networking programme with a user-friendly layout that sets it apart from the competition. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

3. Mangakisa


Mangakisa is a “free online manga reader that is fully sponsored by user donations and has no advertising.” It has a great user interface and loads significantly quicker. Mangakisa only offers two options, not just websites but also programmes. MangaDex Alternatives will be the best option since it will be fully free. Mangakisa is a crowdsourced, ad-free online manga viewer that allows users to read manga without being interrupted by advertisements. Over a thousand manga series are available, each with its own cast of characters. The website’s portability is excellent. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

4. Mangapanda


The website provides high-quality manga comics that can be viewed on any device, from any location. Mangapanda includes a Surprise area where you can get tailored Mangas suggestions for any manga comic you want to read. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

5. Mangaeden


Even if the website appears to be archaic and complex at first sight, browse the several pages and sections to be impressed by Mangaeden’s wonderful and concise information. It has one of the fastest loading speeds, allowing you to use it on any device, regardless of internet connection speed. may read the entire manga comic in PDF format. This method allows you to better organise your reading and eliminate distractions. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

6. Mangakakalot


This webpage is for anyone who is new to Mangadex Alternatives or who is just starting off with their first Manga comic. The interface will amaze you with how sensitive it is to your requests and clicks. Due to its simple and clear appearance, mangakakalot is likewise a simple and easy solution for looking for and reading your favourite manga. Reading the comments area beneath each manga series will also provide you with critiques and information about the major narrative. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

7. MangaGo


MangaGo is a brand-new service that competes with Manga series. It does, however, allow you to read finished manga chapters without having to worry about future releases. Simply click the Completed Manga symbol in the top header menu bar to begin reading any popular Manga comic right now. Additionally, the Directory and All Genre sites include thousands of free Manga comics. When you go to a manga comic page, you can see all of the relevant information, such as volumes, authors, chapter count, available languages, and genre, to see whether you really want to start reading that manga. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

8. MangaPark


Visiting this website is similar to wandering around a park full of manga comics, but you do so online by exploring the many categories. Simply go to the website and search for the title of one of your favourite manga comics.

If you’re not sure what to read, go to the Mangapark website and browse through the Popular Manga Updates area to see what’s new. A readily navigable navigation bar and an information box are included on the website. Before you start reading a manga magazine, think about its ratings, popularity, author, artist, genre, and status. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

9. Comixology


Comixology, an Amazon-owned digital comics portal, is also owned by Amazon. Individual comics may be purchased, or you can subscribe to their monthly plan, which provides you access to and reading over 25,000 comics. Due to the fact that this is not a manga-only website, it may take some time before you locate a manga comic worth reading. Select the Manga option, which is located just beneath the browsing area. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

10. Chia Anime


Despite the number of advertisements on the site, it’s worth a look before moving on to another Mangastream option. The website has an endless supply of high-quality Manga comics that are equivalent to those found on Mangasteam. You’ll always have access to the most recent Manga comics, news, and updates thanks to daily updates. It is completely free to use, and anyone can browse hundreds of manga by simply visiting the website. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

11. MangaOwl


It is one of the most well-known manga comics-related websites. The WSJ sequence episodes are routinely updated by the owners prior to the official release announcement, and as a consequence, they are well-known. It has an orange theme and a large, well-organized database, similar to MangaFox. The genre feature has received special attention from our team, which is why it is rated third on our list. A place for discussing and debating ideas with other manga fans may be found in the discussion area. There’s a section called “Top Night Owls” that displays who’s been reading the comic for the longest time. It, like other mangastreams, has comics translated into a number of languages.

12. AniChart


AniChart is a website that shows visitors which anime series and films are currently airing or have recently concluded. Users can use the website to find, track, and share information about upcoming anime series and movies. On the website, visitors may read a synopsis of the show and learn about the play’s style. In addition, depending on the year, the system contains an archive component where viewers may access programmes from the winter, summer, spring, and fall seasons. It also has a separate web page for forthcoming concerts, complete with a description and a schedule.

13. AnimeTown


This mangadex alternative reddit is well-known for its large and diverse collection of manga comics. It is absolutely free and has a contemporary user interface that looks to be pretty nice. On the main page, the portal also has categories and an A-Z comics filter. Because there isn’t a forum option, you’ll have to rely on the comment area to converse with other manga enthusiasts. To begin reading, simply click on the mange’s banner and scroll to the appropriate language. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

14. Manga Reader


The Manga Reader is a sophisticated anime platform with a lot of features. It has over a million different anime storylines and allows you to view a selection of various anime episodes for free. It, like other platforms, allows you to create and share Manga with others in the community while also receiving comments.

15. MyAnimeList


MyAnimeList, or MAL, is a MangaDex replacement that shows accessible anime and manga in a list-style manner, allowing you to find new treasures depending on your preferences. It has a simple user interface that makes searching easier, and all you have to do to have access to the new collection is sign up. You’ll never run out of the most recent series thanks to daily updates.

16. MangaTown


MangaTown is a good place to go if you’re weary of the antiquated design of many manga scalation websites. It now has a completely new look and a simple design. Its user experience will undoubtedly wow you. Also, have a look at the top MangaDex alternatives. The homepage of the MangaTown website has practically all of the manga categories that a manga reader needs, such as Hot Manga Launch, Featured Manga Release, and New Manga Launch. Its manga directory is a one-of-a-kind resource that lets you search for manga comics alphabetically, by sights, scores, and the most recently added groups. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

17. KissManga


The website, without a doubt, comprises various separate parts that may be browsed and read at any moment. It also allows you to share what you’re reading with your friends via email or other social networking sites. You gain access to the community forum, where you may express your ideas and converse with other members.

18. MangaHere


With an ever-growing manga assortment of over 10,000 titles, you may entirely satiate your ever-increasing thirst for manga reading. The site’s LINK address is constantly changing because of its popularity, which has resulted in DMCA complaints being lodged against it. The scanned manga collection on this site is primarily Japanese, but there are also a significant number of Koren Manga, Hong Kong Manga, European Manga, and other titles. MangaHere has a well-designed and user-friendly website. It is the most effective MangaDex substitute.

19. MangaFox


MangaFox is a free manga service that is platform agnostic. They upload new chapters every day and on a regular basis. On laptops and desktops, the site appears plain, but once you see their mobile version, you’ll fall in love with them even more. They feature a straightforward design that you might enjoy. Now is the ideal moment to pay a visit to the website. It’s the best MangaDex alternative site to read.

20. Otaku Smash


Otaku Smash isn’t just any manga website. This MangaPanda Alternatives site also has free American comic books from DC and Marvel. If you enjoy Japanese comics as well as other platforms, Otaku Smash is not to be missed. Otaku Smash has a straightforward user interface that will immediately put you at ease. Check out the website and save it to your bookmarks for quick access later.

21. TenManga


TenManga is the place to go for all things manga. It features the most extensive and up-to-date manga library available. They include both classic and recent releases. The most well-known titles should go without saying, but the most obscure titles would be fantastic additions.

22. MangaFreak


Manga Freak has a large collection of comics in its database. Manga Freak differs from other inactive websites in that it is updated more than once a month. This manga website is dependable when it comes to releasing newly published content. You do not have to pay anything to view and read the stuff on the site. The worst aspect about this website is that it regularly redirects you to an advertisement or a fake page, which you must shut down and process with your command again.

It, on the other hand, features a dark theme interface that is eye-pleasing. In the top right corner, there is also a tracking box that allows you to easily locate and read your selected manga. It is without a doubt one of the most popular manga websites, which we uncovered. If you’re still indecisive between so many options, give Manga Freak a go and all your doubts will fade away.

23. Manga Rock


Manga Rock is a manga fan’s fantasy come true. It offers a large collection of all major manga titles and will never let you down. Their library is regularly updated, so there will always be fresh manga chapters to read.

24. Manga Stream


Manga Stream is a clear, easy-to-use programme that provides free manga series. While their list isn’t as extensive as the others below, it does include some of the most well-known. I should add that the site’s administrator is a manga translator as well.



You should bookmark, an excellent and free manga site that was shut down by Panda. The website is updated often, and after you’ve tasted their stuff, you won’t want to go anywhere else. What else could you ask for? They’re plentiful and unconstrained.

26. Mental Manga


Mental Manga is a manga website dedicated to all manga fans in the world. Here you’ll discover an almost infinite number of high-quality anime titles, as well as some lesser-known but nonetheless excellent collections. The Mental Manga website is cross-platform compatible, so you can access all of your favourite manga series no matter what device you’re using. Right now, come have a look at them.

27. Viz


Viz Media is one of the most well-known manga websites in the United States, with a vast animation collection. Since its inception in July 1986, the site has been serving the weebs for 34 years and counting. The site also has an age rating system that allows users to filter out books that are inappropriate for them. The firm has hundreds of manga and anime titles and just launched an app for the same purpose. The company controls 23% of the American anime market and is the largest graphic book publisher in the country.

28. ZingBox


You should also visit ZingBox, which is one of the top manga websites online. Because they have such a wide choice of manga series, you should bookmark the site right now for the best Manga Alternatives. This website is every manga fan’s fantasy. The website is designed to be user-friendly, making navigating easier and more comfortable. Check out the ZingBox right now and start reading your favourite manga straight away.

29. Myreadingmanga is a website where you can find a wide range of homoerotic manga comics. Yaoi and Bara are the two most frequent types of homoerotics. Yaoi is a manga drawn by a woman, whereas Bara is drawn by a man. The way the characters are depicted, as well as a few other small variations, are the most noticeable distinctions between these mangas.

The user-friendly, fast-loading layout of this manga website is its distinctive selling feature. The theme is likewise depressing, and the variety of works on show is amazing. The wording may be changed to English, although the tags may be difficult to understand if you are unfamiliar with anime terms.

30. Animenova


Animenova is an anime-centric streaming service that offers everything from anime to manga to quizzes. There are over 30,000 more sorts of anime, as well as a big collection of manga, to pick from. The best thing about this website is that everything is in high HD and has been dubbed.

This manga website is absolutely free, and it also includes a smartphone app for individuals who want to watch anime on the go. Unfortunately, owing to copyright issues, Animenova is unavailable in a select few places, making the site unavailable in some nations.


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