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16 Best Sites like MyVidster – Competitors & Alternatives


MyVidster is a video sharing and bookmarking tool that allows you to share and save your favorite social videos from the web. It is a free service for people who wish to watch daily viral videos from across the world. MyVidster collection includes millions of fascinating films and thousands of videos that are updated on a daily basis.

You may rapidly browse and follow other users’ video collections, as well as effortlessly share them on social networking networks. MyVidster also allows you to post your video with no restrictions in order to receive immediate feedback. To use the service, you must first register with an email address, a name, and any other necessary information.

You may use all functions after finishing the login procedure. The most notable features of MyVidster include browsing, collecting, sharing, and uploading infinite movies; leaving comments; sharing your favorite videos on social networks; mobile applications; and user-friendly interfaces, among others.

What is MyVidster?

MyVidster is a video streaming and bookmarking platform that allows you to gather and share your favorite web videos. It also allows you to discover and follow the video collections of other users. This is essentially an alternative to YouTube for watching videos. It allows you to watch a video that a user has posted to the site. It is a free online video streaming service that allows users to view and share material from many sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Aside from its user-friendly layout and customized playlists, the site also includes features like live events, feature films and programs, private chat, and so on.

Features of Myvidster

How to Install Myvidster APK on Android

Step 1: Get the Myvidster APK file.

Step 2: Go to the Installation of Some Settings Settings -> Apps Management -> Install apps from “unknown sources.”

Step 3: Follow To obtain the APK file, navigate to the Download Location.

Step 4: After that, double-click the Myvidster APK file.

Step 5: Completed.

After installing the greatest software on your Android devices, you have now completed the entire procedure.

How to Get Myvidster for iPhone

Step 1: Get the Myvidster iOS app.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the download location.

Step 3: Press the Install button.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to be completed.

Step 5: Completed.

Now you have comprehensive information about the MyVidster App, which is accessible to download for both Android and iOS operating systems in a very simple manner; simply follow the above instructions. Now you have comprehensive instructions on how to download Myvidster for Android and iOS, and you should find this information extremely useful.

Top 16 Sites Like MyVidster In 2022

Here is the list of best sites like Myvidster for next level video streaming in 2023.

1. Tagpacker

Tagpacker is a free application in the form of a browser plugin that allows users to collect, organise, and share their favourite links. Tagpacker was developed for those like you who are bored of using the standard bookmarking method.

If you want to clean up your messed-up online life, give Tagpacker a shot, and you will fall in love with its services. The procedure of using this platform begins with you gathering your favourite links, which will be added to your personal directory through a button in your web browser. Tagpacker is a great alternative to MyVidster Taki.

2. Favattic

In truth, Favattic is a web-based bookmark management system for preserving favourite web pages. This site is completely free to use for dealing with your favourite videos. All you have to do is save the web page of your favourite videos to this platform, and everything will start to fall into place.

This bookmark manager is suitable for both individuals and groups, and it provides a great deal of assistance to its users. This allows them to easily synchronise all of their bookmarks across all of their preferred online browsers and devices. Favattic is also a great alternative to My Vidster.

3. is the smartest and simplest way to save and organise anything you encounter on the internet. This platform may be used for any purpose, but we’ll start with its video storage system. The technology allows users to keep their favourite films and even web pages for only three dollars a month.

The primary benefits are the capabilities it provides to its users, such as the ability to save any web page, automatically categorise it, create a reminder, share the link, and much more. Any website may be saved in its online storage section. Its a finest alternative to MyVidster.

4. Quicklinkr

Quicklinkr is a one-stop shop for all your internet saving and archiving needs. This website provides its customers with a vast array of data storage capabilities and services, allowing them to arrange their webpages, links, movies, photographs, and much more.

It will enable you to arrange all of your bookmarks in one place and then access them from anywhere. This is how this basic bookmarking service works to make its users’ online lives easier and simpler. Quicklinkr is also a great replacement to MyVidster.

5. Buckets

Buckets alternative to My Vidster is a recently released collection service provider that is currently in beta. This platform enables users to construct new collections and stashes of web information. It does not charge anything for the service it provides to its customers.

This type of visual bookmarking application allows users to create beautiful collections and stashes of web resources for free. Users of this site can also curate their own content.

6. Bort

Another alternative to MyVidster. This simple web-based service allows you to keep all of your films in sync across all of your devices and browsers. It will enable you to keep complete command and control over your data at all times.

If you wish to use this web-based service to manage your video collection, your videos must be in the form of websites. That means you may save movies on web pages and view them from the same browser or any other browser on different operating systems or devices at any time.

7. Putmi

Putmi is exactly what you need to organise and manage your favourite videos. It is a bookmarking application that allows users to save their favourite movies as links on the internet.

They can now deal with their favourite videos as swiftly as they like. Putmi also provides a substantial level of support for mobile devices, allowing consumers to bookmark easily on their phones. To begin, you must first register for a free account, following which you will have full access to all of the site’s features.

8. alternative to MyVidster is the most intelligent and user-friendly way to organise data in an online environment. It’s a website that gives users fast access to their favourite websites, cloud storage accounts, educational materials, blogs, and more.

Because of the features and capabilities that it provides to its users, it will be a modern-day bookmark manager.’s powerful bookmark management system enables users to search the internet for specific items such as inspiring articles, favourite video songs, and more.

9. alternative to MyVidster is a web-based bookmarking system that does not require any extensions or software to be installed on your computer. It’s simple: just write “” before any URL, and it’ll be saved to your bookmarks.

You may save any web page to your bookmark area this way. This tool may be used to save your favourite video websites so that you can watch them later. appears to be pretty basic, and you may believe that it does not provide you with many features and functionalities.

10. Lumio

Lumio is a revolutionary bookmarking solution that is progressively reducing the need for bookmarking systems. It helps internet users who deal with a lot of data to emphasise, organise, and share a wide range of information with others.

Examine the Lumio’s features and functions, which include highlighting text and data, storing photos, videos, and even the complete web page. All of the highlights, as well as all source material, will be documented. It helps users organise their saved data in a more customised manner.

11. Dropmark

Dropmark alternative to MyVidster is a platform for organising, collaborating, curating, and sharing various forms of content throughout the internet. This platform may also be used to organise all of your favourite stuff in one place, such as movies, music, and more.

Dropmark is so simple and user-friendly to use that it can even import data from social networking networks. It’s ideal for groups, instructors, adventurers, and even for personal use. It’s one of the finest ways to visually organise all of your connections, files, web pages, notes, and more.

12. SemanticScuttle

Another alternative to MyVidster. SemanticScuttle is a tagging and bookmarking-based social networking platform with collaborative working features. People may see what others are sharing and can share what they have in their basket with others.

They can tag movies and data so that they can retrieve all videos with that tag the next time they search. Users of SemanticScuttle may now store movies in their accounts. They may construct their own dedicated collection or library, which will include all of their favourite films and movies in one place.

13. Tizmos

Another alternative to MyVidster. Tizmos is an online platform for educators to exchange educational resources with students and other educators. It may be utilised for other reasons as well, but education will always be the primary focus of this platform.

The online source provides a variety of features and services to its users, including the ability to organise and exchange visual resources with other Tizmos users. It’s fantastic and one of the greatest ways to collect cash since you may get it from any website on the internet.

14. MarkIt

MarkIt is a bookmarking application that may also be used to manage videos, movies, and music. MarkIt has the advantage of being a private and simple bookmarking platform for both PC and mobile users. Its a great alternative to MyVidster.

It’s also simple because it’s compatible with the majority of devices and platforms. Mark It has synchronisation capabilities, allowing users to view their saved data from any device.

15. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is a website that is revolutionising online media. If you’re weary of keeping your belongings and not being able to access them when you need them, LiveLeak is the place for you.

It is free to use, but there are some conditions that must be met by the user. The publication of violent or pornographic content is strictly prohibited on this site. Media, which is likewise considered unlawful, is not permitted to be published here.

16. Flamory

Flamory is a web page collection service that allows you to save web pages containing your favourite videos. It is simply the best source for keeping a copy of web pages and things that you wish to have on your screen at all times.

It’s similar to a bookmarking system but with a novel and unique approach. You will undoubtedly enjoy the way this platform operates because it will provide you with several storages and history viewing options.


What kind of technology does Myvidster use?

Myvidster’s leading technologies are Visually, MailChimp, and AddThis. You may also look at the 85 technologies spread over 16 categories that My vidster highlighted previously on this page.

What kinds of videos are available on MyVidster?

MyVidster provides a diverse range of material, including feature films and documentaries, hot news and sports topics, lifestyle and entertainment, and live broadcasts for events around the world.

Can I use the same account on many devices?

Yes, you may use your MyVidster account on numerous devices, including your laptop or smartphone. You will, however, need to sign in each time you use a new device to access the service.

Is MyVidster equipped with parental controls?

My Vidster does provide an integrated parental control system that allows parents to put limitations on the types of videos their children can watch. There is also an Android mobile application that provides more extensive filtering, blocking, and monitoring options for managing your child’s access to various sorts of information.

Is MyVidster available where I live?

It is a worldwide platform; therefore, it can be accessed from practically anywhere on the globe as long as there are no local limitations or censorship laws in place. If not, you should be able to use the service without difficulty.

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