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Minecraft Cake Recipe Tips and Tricks – techstation

One of the most recognisable objects in Minecraft is cake, which is also the sole edible block as of this writing. However, as soon as you examine the recipe for the Minecraft Cake Recipe, you’ll understand that it’s not the simplest thing to create.

The Minecraft Cake Recipe calls for four distinct components, each of which requires some research. But don’t worry—we’re here to assist you! Our advice will make things simpler for you, whether you want to celebrate with anything other than Minecraft fireworks or want to eat something special in the game.

Here, we’ll show you how to make Minecraft Cake Recipe in simple steps and tell you where to find the supplies.

What is required for the Minecraft Cake Recipe?

The following are the main components or things needed to make the Minecraft Cake Recipe:

  • Three wheat bundles.
  • 1 egg
  • Three pails of milk.
  • Two heaps of sugar

Don’t worry if your inventory is still missing one or more of these components. The parts of Minecraft Cake Recipe that follow will demonstrate how simple it is to get them.

Minecraft Cake Recipe

Obtaining Wheat In Minecraft

In plains communities, you just need one hay bale to manufacture wheat from scratch. You may mine it with a hoe in plains communities, to manufacture wheat from scratch. Once you have a hay bale, you must grab your crafting desk and arrange the bale on the grid as seen in the following example:

One hay bale may be made from one hay bale. Simply add extra hay bales to the crafting grid if you need more. In Minecraft, you can also get wheat by opening chests in towns, dungeons, igloos, underwater ruins, pillager outposts, ships, and forest mansions. It may take a very long time for your wheat to reach full maturity if you want to cultivate it. If you want to use wheat frequently in Minecraft, it’s a wise investment.

You’ll need hay bales, seeds, and bone meal to construct your own wheat farm. For advice on how to get started, see our guide on the best farming strategies for Minecraft.

Sugaring Up in Minecraft

Another readily available component for a cake in Minecraft is sugar. You have two options for making it from scratch: either using honey bottles or sugar cane. While one honey bottle makes three heaps of sugar, one sugar cane only makes one. You may also make sugar using a compound maker by mixing six carbon atoms with twelve hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms.

In addition to buying them from witches, you may also make your own sugar. When killed, these mobs can drop up to five sweets. However, bear in mind that the likelihood of witches dropping sweets after they pass away is just 12.5%. If you don’t want to depend on luck to get sugar, it’s best to make it yourself at home.

How to get milk jugs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can’t use a crafting table to make milk buckets like you can with sugar and wheat. You can only get it in Minecraft PE by taking it from cows, goats, or mushrooms, which are cows covered in mushrooms. Of course, you’ll need a bucket first before you can obtain a milk bucket.

Minecraft Cake Recipe

To create one, arrange three iron ingots in a 33-crafting grid as follows:

  • When you have three buckets or more, you must now search for a cow, mooshroom, or goat.
  • Cows are more likely to be found in settlements, plains, and jungle biomes, while goats are more likely to be found in mountain biomes.
  • Mushrooms are more uncommon and can only be found in mushroom fields.
  • Before milking any of these creatures, use the bucket from your hotbar.
  • Then, tap the goat, mushroom, or cow to pour milk into the bucket.

If you want to have enough to build a cake in Minecraft, you should repeat the method at least three times.

Egg farming in Minecraft

An egg is the last ingredient in the recipe for the Minecraft cake. You may obtain eggs in Minecraft by watching for hens to lay them, much like in real life. Fortunately, chickens are a prevalent mob in the game and may appear almost anywhere there is grass and light that is at least level 7. Chickens typically lay eggs every five to ten minutes in Minecraft. So, if you find a chicken, just wait around it for a while to obtain a few eggs for yourself.

But you may also kill a fox that is carrying an egg in Minecraft to collect eggs instead of having to wait for hens to lay them. Dropping a food item in front of the fox will cause it to drop the egg without hurting it. In addition, there is a 23.3% chance that you may discover one to three eggs in a village fletcher’s chest.

Making a Cake in Minecraft

The hardest aspect of making your own Minecraft Cake Recipe is getting the four components. But after you’ve resolved that, baking the cake itself will be a snap.
Below, we provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the procedure:

  • Place the workbench there and take a position in front of it.
  • Tap on the crafting table to start the 33 crafting grid.
  • Put three milk jugs in the first row of the crafting interface.
  • Add two piles of sugar, one in the first and the other in the final slot of the second row.
  • Place an egg in the midst of the two sugar heaps.
  • Put the three wheat bundles in the grid’s final row.
  • The output slot on the right then shows a cake.
  • Drag the cake to your inventory to add it.

That’s all there is to it, really! You now possess a cake inspired by Minecraft.

What Functions Does Minecraft Cake Serve?

Although cake is mostly used as food in Minecraft, it has other uses as well. But you can’t immediately eat cake after choosing it from your hotbar, unlike most other food items in Minecraft. It must first be placed on a solid block, such as earth, plants, or wood, among other things. After setting it down, you can now consume it by simply tapping the cake. You devour one cake piece out of seven with each tap. Each slice replenishes 0.4 to 2 points of hunger. A full Minecraft Cake Recipe therefore replenishes 14 hunger and 2.8 hunger saturation points.

Minecraft Cake Recipe

Cakes made of Minecraft are fantastic for sharing. When playing in multiplayer mode, you can invite some pals over and enjoy cake pieces together. A cake may be consumed as food or put in a Minecraft composter to raise the compost level by 1. Additionally, you may use it as a light source or make a birthday cake by placing a lighted candle on top of it. Additionally, as cake is a stacking object in Minecraft, you may use it to build structures or even a staircase.

Does the Minecraft Cake Recipe Actually Work?

If you use the Minecraft cake recipe, you can bake a cake in real life. Will it, however, be a good one? ctually, no. Te Minecraft cake will come out dense and hard if baked in a real oven; it will resemble stale bread in appearance. That’s because it’s missing some important ingredients, like fat and baking powder (or another rising agent). Additionally, you’ll need more than one egg to make a decent, fluffy cake, particularly if you use the amount of milk and flour specified in the Minecraft cake recipe.

Nutritionist and food scientist Ann Reardon has a YouTube channel where she tested the Minecraft cake recipe. She makes two cakes in the video, the first using the exact ingredients and measurements specified in the recipe, and the second with minor changes. Therefore, if you’d want to see how the Minecraft cake recipe actually turns out but lack the time and supplies to do so, you may watch her video below.

Make a Minecraft cake to celebrate

Making a cake in Minecraft requires a lot of time and effort, but once you get the end result, it will all have been worthwhile. Why? As you now know, a cake in Minecraft is one of the tastiest foods available. Additionally, you may use it to recycle or decorate your Minecraft creations, as well as share them with your friends.


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