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10 Best Minecraft Sword Enchantments You Should Try (2023)

When you first started playing Minecraft, you can almost certainly agree that the Minecraft sword is the most well-known weapon in this sandbox game. But, despite its popularity, the minecraft diamond sword doesn’t always feel powerful enough.

Thankfully, the Minecraft sword enchantments may readily address this problem. Making an Enchanting Table in Minecraft is a great way to find a lot of them. In the meantime, you’ll have to rely on and use Minecraft’s enchanted books to get the rest of them.

For your convenience, we’ve included a list of some of the Minecraft sword enchantments in Minecraft, along with information on how to use them and other useful information. All you have to do now is investigate these diamond Minecraft sword enchantments and begin putting them to use in your world. Let’s get started now that it’s out of the way.

Minecraft Sword Enchantments

Each of these Minecraft sword enchantments has been tested on the Minecraft 1.18 release, so you can be certain of their compatibility. Furthermore, the majority of the Minecraft sword enchantments are compatible with both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. With that in mind, our collection isn’t ordered in any particular manner, so feel free to peruse these enchantments according to your personal preferences.

1. Sweeping Edge

minecraft Sword

The sweeping edge is our first and only Minecraft Java-exclusive Minecraft sword enchantment. If you’re reading the Bedrock edition, you might want to skip the section about how amazing it is. This enchantment improves a basic aspect of the sword rather than adds a particular function.

The Minecraft sword’s sweep strike deals more damage than a typical hit when the sweeping edge enchantment is applied. In the Nether, where battling numerous creatures at once is common, this enchantment is very effective.

You may swing your Minecraft sword, just as in games like Devil May Cry, and it will hurt any monster that gets in your way, even if they aren’t your intended target. It has three levels, each dealing 50%, 67.5%, and 75% of the damage dealt by the primary strike. However, in order to prevent it from becoming too powerful, Minecraft does not allow many other enchantments to interact with it.

2. Fire Aspect

minecraft Sword

The fire aspect is the simplest and one of the most potent of all the greatest Minecraft sword enchantments in Minecraft. When you hit an adversary with a fire aspect sword, the enemy is set on fire. There are two levels, each of which adds four seconds of fire to the sword. In terms of damage, the level 1 fire damages 1.5 hearts, while the level 2 fire damages 3.5 hearts.

It’s worth noting, though, that not every monster is instantly killed by fire, so coupling this attack with a potion of fire resistance is a good idea. Keep in mind that, with the exception of piglins and hoglins, this enchantment is useless against all nether mobs. However, if you have the Bedrock edition of the game, you may use it to light candles, campfires, and trigger TNT. When food-based creatures are killed with this enchantment in both versions, they drop cooked meat.

3. Looting

minecraft Sword

The next entry in our list of the best Minecraft sword enchantments looks beyond the fighting powers of a sword. When you use this enchantment to slay a monster, it drops more things than normal. This enchantment may also be used to obtain rarer things. This enchantment has three levels, each of which increases the number of objects dropped. Furthermore, this enchantment is compatible with the Java-only sweeping edge enchantment.

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4. Unbreaking

minecraft Sword

Unbreaking is a common enchantment that may be applied to all durable in-game goods. The Minecraft sword’s durability is increased by this enchantment. Technically, it just lowers the likelihood of a loss in durability. However, if you employ this enchantment, your weapons will endure longer, especially your sword. It has two levels and is one of the initial enchantments on the enchanting table.

5. Mending

minecraft Sword

There’s always the option of mending for players who locate damaged swords or if it’s too late to apply unbreaking. This minor enchantment restore s your sword’s diminished durability. It operates by utilising experience orbs as a source of energy. You can keep killing enemies while the Minecraft sword repairs itself when mending is enabled.

Even though it only has one level, some players consider it to be more powerful than unbreakable. Not to mention that this is one of the few great Minecraft sword enchantments in Minecraft that can only be applied with the help of enchanted books.

6. Curse of Vanishing

minecraft Sword

The Curse of Disappearance is another enchantment that can only be used with enchanted books. It’s a negative effect enchantment that makes your Minecraft sword vanish when you die, as the name implies. Items in standard Minecraft stay in the same place after you die, so you may collect them again. Don’t be fooled by the term; disappearing refers to the sword’s despawning.

Thankfully, storing your sword in a chest prevents it from despawning. The only advantage of this curse is that it prevents other players from stealing your sword in multiplayer mode. And, in case you’re wondering, no, this enchantment cannot be removed.

7. Knockback

minecraft Sword

In Minecraft, “knockback” is the impact of mobs being pushed back when they are assaulted. With this enchantment, the knockback effect is increased by 190 per cent. With only a single strike, you can knock a creature back up to six blocks. In the Java Edition, this enchantment allows players to knockback armour stands.

8. Sharpness

minecraft Sword

This enchantment, as its name suggests, improves the sharpness of your Minecraft sword in Minecraft. However, because sharpness has no effect on the game, this enchantment just raises the amount of damage your sword does with each blow. There are five degrees of sharpness supported by this enchantment. You can only use an enchanting table to apply level 5 to a gold sword. You may, however, employ an enchanted book to add various levels of sharpness to various swords.

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9. Smite

minecraft Sword

Smite, like sharpness, is one of the most effective Minecraft sword enchantments for increasing strike damage. Keep in mind, though, that smite’s additional damage is limited to undead creatures. The following are some of the undead mobs:

  • Skeletons
  • Zombies
  • Villagers who have turned into zombies
  • Wither
  • Skeletons wither
  • Piglins that have turned into zombies
  • Horses with skeletons
  • Horses that have turned into zombies
  • Strays
  • Husks
  • Phantoms
  • Drowned
  • Zoglins

10. Bane of Arthropods

minecraft Sword

Arthropods are creatures with exoskeletons, according to science. They have extremely well-jointed limbs that allow them to move in a distinctive manner. As the name implies, this enchantment boosts a sword’s damage against arthropod enemies in the game. The following are examples of mobs:

  • Spiders
  • Spiders that live in caves
  • Bees
  • Silverfishes
  • Endermites


Because of the power of these Minecraft sword enchantments, you can continue exploring the best of your Minecraft environment with ease. You can use these to find the greatest Minecraft 1.18 seeds without having to worry about anything. Making a Potion of Invisibility with one of these enchantments is also an excellent move if you wish to utilise your sword in a ninja style. You may also install Minecraft Forge if you want to take it to the next level. It allows you to try out some of the best Minecraft modifications, which can help you unlock the game’s full potential. In terms of enchantments, don’t forget to leave a remark with your other favorites. Our crew will put them to the test and report back to our readers. In the meantime, have fun exploring!


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