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How to Cure a Zombie Villager In Minecraft?

In order to gain more experience points and other goodies, killing zombies is usually desirable in Minecraft, but what about killing zombie villager? It is OK to kill them since doing so rewards you with XPs, rotting meat, an iron ingot, a carrot, or a potato. Although zombie villagers are also treatable, it would be better if you could turn them back into regular villagers. This post will teach you how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft so that you can trade with or re-breed them.

What Do Minecraft’s Zombie Villagers Do?

In Minecraft, a hostile mob called “zombie villagers” is a particular kind of zombie. The likelihood of them appearing during a regular spawn cycle varies with the game’s level, but the likelihood that a villager would turn into one after being killed by any kind of zombie is higher. An infected villager has a 0% chance of turning into a zombie on easy mode. This chance goes up to 50% and 100% when playing on regular and hard difficulties, respectively.

The two most challenging zombie villagers you will run into in Minecraft are a baby zombie and an armed villager. Baby zombie villagers will always be babies, and they will move 30% faster than other baby villagers. On the other hand, armed zombie villagers have the ability to pick up and use anything they come upon, even guns. No matter what variety they are, villagers are hazardous and frequently attack other villagers and gamers at night.

Materials Needed to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

It seems simple to cure zombie villagers. After all, you simply require a Golden Apple and a Splash Potion of Weakness. However, if you don’t already have these things, getting them might be a hassle.

zombie villager

How Do You Make Splash Potion of Weakness Step 1?

The main ingredient for transforming a zombie villager into an ordinary villager is a splash of weakness potion. The hostile creature receives a debuff when this item is thrown at it. To create a Splash Potion of Weakness, you will require flame powder, three water bottles, a fermented spider eye, gunpowder, and a brewing stand. When you have everything you need, take the following actions:

  • Launch the brewing stand, and then put the flaming powder in the box in the station’s upper left corner.
  • This will be your brewing stand’s power supply.
  • Put the water bottles in the brewing stand’s bottom boxes.
  • The spider eye should be in the top compartment that connects to where you put the water bottle.
  • The progress arrow should start to fill up, signalling that the potions of weakness are now being prepared.

Finally, to transform the potions of weakness into a Splash Potion of Weakness, sprinkle gunpowder over the location where the fermenting spider eye was.

How Do You Make a Golden Apple, Second?

zombie villager

A golden apple is a priceless food item in Minecraft that, when ingested, has a number of advantageous benefits, including healing a zombie villager. The Woodland Mansion, dungeons, ruins, and mineshafts all have chests that contain this. It may also be made with one apple and eight gold ingots on a crafting table. To create a golden apple, adhere to the directions below:

  • Place the apple in the centre of the 3 by 3 making grid after opening the crafting table.
  • Place the gold ingots in the containers enclosing the apple.
  • The Golden Apple should be kept in your inventory.

How to Cure a Zombie Villager In Minecraft?

Lastly, how can a zombie be healed? Put a Golden Apple and a Splash Potion of Weakness on your Hotbar as soon as you get them, so you will always have access to them in case a zombie villager shows up.

  • Throw a Splash Potion of Weakness at a zombie villager as soon as it hatches to weaken him.
  • It should also begin to emit green circles.
  • Then, give the golden apple to the zombie.

Now, it should start to shake, and the green circles it makes should turn red. Wait till it transforms into a typical villager for a little longer.

What Will Occur If You Cure the Zombie Villagers?

What does it involve for the zombiefied villagers, and what precisely is the purpose of treating a zombie villager in Minecraft? Here are the things that will happen to a zombie villager after being cured, but they may differ depending on the version of Minecraft you are playing.

  • It will revert to being a baby villager if it was a baby before becoming a zombie.
  • Villagers who had jobs before they became zombies went back to work after they were healed.
  • After being transformed into an ordinary villager, the nitwit zombie villager will either stay that way (Java Edition) or pick up a job (Bedrock Edition).

Benefits of Curing zombie villagers in Minecraft

zombie villager

The rewards you receive when you successfully cure a zombie villager are part of learning how to do it. In addition to giving the dead life, there are several advantages to treating a zombie villager. You may get to the level of Zombie Doctor and receive a gold trophy and 40g for curing a zombie villager.

With the villagers you have healed, you will always receive trade discounts. Villagers who have cured the zombie virus provide cheap emeralds. In Bedrock Edition, villagers within 16 blocks of a healed zombie villager also offer small trade discounts. There are instances when curing a zombie makes more sense than moving a villager to nowhere to start a new one.

The Location of Zombie Villagers

It is not the best way to find a zombie villager because there is only a small chance that one will appear. Igloos, which make snowy biomes by nature, are often where you’ll find a zombie villager locked up. This is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of cure a zombie because it has the materials you need, like a golden apple and a potion of weakness.

What if there are no igloos nearby?

Although it may seem harsh, you may just allow a zombie to attack a villager and transform that person into a zombie. You may do this by locking a villager in a boat and allowing a zombie to assault it at night. Make sure to change the game’s level to hard so that the villagers have a 100% probability of turning into zombies. After that, heal the zombie like you ought to and get your benefits.


How long does it take to cure zombie villagers?

In Java Edition, it takes three to five minutes for a zombie villager to become a regular villager, compared to two minutes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. If there were cure accelerators (such as an iron bar or a bed) beside the zombie villagers, their suffering could be lessened.

Without a potion, how can a zombie villager be cured?

A Potion of Weakness is required to heal a villager. You cannot omit it from the minigame because it is a necessary component.

Do daytime attacks by zombie villagers occur?

Because zombie villagers burn in the sun like regular zombies do, they won’t attack in the middle of the day. That said, while they are underground where there is no sunlight, they could attack gamers and other villagers.


Curing zombie villagers is a minigame that you should be able to play, whether your motivation is to give the zombie villagers a second chance or you simply want the trade discount that comes with it. In particular, those who have prior trade experience, you don’t have to murder them immediately. Your colony will grow if you can cure them!


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