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12 Best Free VPN For Chrome Extensions For PC

Do you want to find the best free VPN for Chrome that works? If so, have a look at our selection of the best free VPN for Chrome extensions that will never let you down.

Digital marketers, people in restricted locations, and IT professionals all use best free VPN for Chrome extensions to gain access to forbidden material, hide their IP addresses, or change their IP addresses.

However, it is simple to locate premium or paid VPN Chrome extensions, but if you are seeking the best free VPN for Chrome, you will be disappointed due to a lack of options. As a result, Techstation will present a list of the best virtual private network (VPN) extensions for the Chrome browser in this post.

12 Best Free VPN For Chrome 

Here is the list of the 12 Best Free VPN For Chrome Extensions For PC In 2022.

1. VeePN

best free VPN for Chrome

VeePN is regarded as one of the best free VPN for Chrome, with over 2500 servers and roughly 50 server locations. It not only enables fast browsing and streaming with Chrome, but it also has a no-logs policy and military-grade encryption that will impress you. In comparison to other best free VPN for Chrome extensions, it does not limit your bandwidth or traffic.

If you want to protect your viewed data from hackers or unlock a geographically restricted site, this could be a very reliable extension. Furthermore, this Chrome plugin has over 4K ratings and 1 million users. Its integration is equally simple, and you can install it on Chrome with a single click.

2. Setup VPN – Editor’s Choice

best free VPN for Chrome

If you are looking for a completely best free VPN for Chrome browser with unlimited speed, bandwidth, and completely free servers, Setup VPN may be the best option. More than 1 million users have installed and are using this extension on the Chrome browser.

As a result, whether you are an IT professional or a newbie, you can use this completely best free VPN for chrome with ease because it does not require any technical skills to use Setup VPN. It is preferable to use it in conjunction with the WebRTC Leak Shield.

3. Hotspot Shield

best free VPN for Chrome

Many of you may have heard of or used this VPN, but if you are unfamiliar with Hotspot Shield, you should try this best free Chrome VPN because it is also free and has fantastic capabilities. Yes, this VPN not only functions as a VPN, but it also functions as an ad blocker.

Furthermore, Hotspot Shield is entirely free to download for PCs or browsers in order to keep your information private, escape censorship, obtain high-level security, and gain access to your favourite web content. However, a premium edition with more functionality is also available.

4. ZenMate VPN

best free VPN for Chrome

Though ZenMate VPN is also available in a premium edition, using its free version with many quality features is an excellent experience. If you are a beginner, ZenMate might be an excellent best free VPN for Chrome browser.

You may use proxies from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, and Romania with the free edition of ZenMate, which gives you an advantage over competitors. On the other hand, if you want a low-cost VPN, the premium edition of ZenMate is highly appealing. With ZenMate’s subscription edition, you may view your favourite material from anywhere in the world with limitless servers and speed.

5. CyberGhost

best free VPN for Chrome

Although CyberGhost is regarded as a solid commercial VPN choice, their best free VPN for Chrome extension is quite trustworthy. It just takes a few clicks to install the CyberGhost VPN Proxy, and you can switch internet locations in seconds. As a result, CyberGhost makes it extremely simple to view your favourite Netflix episodes and instantly access prohibited websites and material.

It also protects you from third-party fraud, allowing you to browse the web safely with Chrome.

6. DotVPN

best free VPN for Chrome

DotVPN is another best free VPN for Chrome extension available in both free and premium versions. According to users, it delivers around 80% of its functionality in the free edition and requires a paid subscription to access the other 20%. It not only prevents Chrome users from accessing congested sites, materials, and movies, but it also functions as a highly trustworthy solution to safeguard its customers from snoopers and hackers.

7. Touch VPN

best free VPN for Chrome

Do you want to avoid geographical restrictions or protect your data from cyber-attacks? If so, Touch VPN might be a solid and dependable alternative for you. You may actually explore the world with this one-click VPN proxy extension, which provides secure service and limitless bandwidth.

Fortunately, it does not require any credit card information or enrollment to obtain its free trial. Overall, Touch VPN is a completely free VPN Chrome extension that you should have on your browser.

8. RusVPN

best free VPN for Chrome

RusVPN has over 338 VPN servers and provides services on all five continents. Although it offers a number of premium goods to consumers, its free VPN Chrome extension is completely free for Chrome users. The main reasons for ranking first among the best free VPN for chrome extensions are its reasonable speed, dependable internet security, and simple location switching options.

As a result, it solves a major concern among free VPN users that it slows down the entire system. Yes, in order to address the speed issue, Iron Media introduced RusVPN, a fast and free VPN proxy. This is a strong VPN extension, especially for people who want to visit Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other sites safely.

9. Betternet

best free VPN for Chrome

Betternet is a well-known free VPN proxy service for Chrome users. People choose to install the Betternet Chrome extension since it does not require any log details, credit card information, or registration. You only need to install this extension with one click to get a lifetime of free Chrome VPN service.

Betternet’s lack of advertisements is another competitive advantage that sets it apart from other VPN proxies. It is also a reliable VPN extension for conducting online banking operations and transactions for foreign banks.

10. TunnelBear

best free VPN for Chrome

TunnelBear is another famous VPN service with limited but helpful free features. It masks IP addresses, unblocks censorship, and gives Chrome users safe browsing. Around 70K Chrome Web Store customers worldwide have already benefited from our free Chrome VPN extension. However, you may obtain more explosive features with a premium service.

11. NordVPN

best free VPN for Chrome

NordVPN is a long-lasting, lightweight virtual private network extension that gives you complete freedom, privacy, and security without slowing down your device. Similarly, if you are unable to stop web WebRTC, you should acquire a NordVPN extension since it permanently eliminates WebRTC.

No one will be able to discover your IP address if you use this option. On the other hand, with over 5,200 servers, it also serves as a virus and ad blocker. In summary, NordVPN should be your first pick if you want various VPN capabilities for free and in one bundle.

In conclusion, the main goal of writing this featured post is to help our readers who are looking for a free VPN extension for Chrome that will not affect their computers. Furthermore, if you know of any other free and free-quality VPN extensions, please share them with us in the comments section below.


best free VPN for Chrome

HOLA VPN is another simple Chrome extension that you can install with a single click. It is regarded as one of the fastest VPNs for unblocking websites or content. With over 189 million users worldwide, HOLA is regarded as a great freemium VPN that is accessible in both app and online versions.

Google has deleted HOLA from the Chrome Store. However, their staff is working to re-establish their Chrome services.


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