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Top 20 Cute Anime Girls Characters (2022) | Techstation

Cute Anime Girl: Admit it that you can’t help but be drawn to “Moe” figures when you see them. Cute Anime Girls are too adorable for their own good. This is especially true when a charming anime character isn’t just cute to be adorable.

Cute Anime Girl characters are too cute because it’s a natural aspect of their personality, and they have a purpose in the anime in which they appear. This isn’t your standard list of Cute Anime Girls, so be prepared to meet characters you’ve never heard of before. Kawaii characters who aren’t as well-known as other Kawaii characters, for example cute girl pfp anime.

Top 20 Cute Anime Girls Characters

Here is the list of 20 cute anime girls who will kill you with their charm.

1. Kanna Kamui 

Kanna is on the top of the list of Cute Anime Girls. Kanna is one of the three major characters from the 2017 anime series Miss Kobayashi. She is a dragon who lives with Miss Kobayashi, just like Tohru. Kanna is usually timid and reserved, but her actions speak volumes. She’s demonstrating her humour, dexterity, and empathy. She spends most of her time being cute. As a result of her actions, Miss Kobayashi eventually feels bad.

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2. Kobato Hasegawa

Cute Anime Girls

Kabato takes 2nd position in the list of Cute Anime Girls. A Chuunibyou is a kind of Kobato. This is a problem that is more prevalent among children. In the instance of Kobato, she believes she possesses the abilities of a Gothic vampire from Necromancer, her favourite anime. because it has such an impact on her. In the anime series Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends, one of the major characters is Kobato.

Given the type of nonsense that occurs in this series, she’s the only one you can consider “pure.”

3. Rom & Ram

Cute Anime Girls

Rom & Ram is a very Cute Anime Girl cartoon character From Hyperdimension Neptunia, Rom, and Ram are Blanc’s younger sisters. Rom prefers the colour blue, while Ram prefers the colour pink. This is a simple method to tell these twins apart. These two personality traits are always recognisable in them.

4. Serara 

Cute Anime Girls

Serara takes 4th position in the list of cute anime girls. Serara is the kind of character who is compassionate, caring, and has a lot of fun. Serara’s cuteness level would be above 9000 if this were Dragon Ball Z. She appears in the gaming anime Log Horizon as a supporting character. Outside of the superficial stuff, it contains some important moments.

5. Rika Furude

Cute Anime Girls

Rika is also a very Cute Anime Girl cartoon character. You could disagree if you’ve watched Higurashi. But, despite all that, Rika Furude is deserving of a place on our list. She is, at the end of the day, a child whose innocence has been stolen away from her. However, she still possesses it in certain ways and can demonstrate it. Rika Furude’s persona is eerie because of this.

6. Madoka Kaname

Cute Anime Girls

Madoka Kaname is a cute anime girl character from the anime Madoka Magical Girl. Madoka Ka’s name is the sweetest and most innocent of all the magical heroines. with a pure heart and a kind disposition. That’s why she’s cautious at first, much to the chagrin of later characters like Sayaka Miki. In any case, this Puella Madoka Magica girl is very cute!

7. Latifa Fleuranza 

Cute Anime Girls

Latifa is also a very Cute Anime Girl cartoon character. Latifa is a character from the Amagi Brilliant Park comedic anime series. with a kind voice, a caring heart, and a pleasant demeanour. It’s difficult to pull off such a convincing impersonation. She proves to be an important character and a driving force behind the plot’s progression.

8. Rikka Takanashi 

Cute Anime Girls

Rikka take 8th position in the list of Cute Anime Girl. Rikka Takanashi is a Chuunibyou, just like Kobato Hasegawa. She isn’t afraid to show it off to the rest of the world. Even when she’s out in public, she’s a sassy little thing. She’s just like F. in that she’s a little strange. Watch the Chuunibyou anime series to learn more about Rikka.

9. Yuki Kusakabe

Cute Anime Girls

Yuki Kusakabe is one of the four demi-humans featured in Anime: Monster Girls Interviews. Because of her status as “the snow girl,” she first lacks confidence. As the anime unfolds, her personality begins to emerge, and people grow fond of her. Yuki take 9th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls.

10. Ayu Tsukimiya

Cute Anime Girls

Ayu Tsukimiya is a primary character created by the same people that created Clannad. She is one of the series’ two primary protagonists. And it’s crucial to the main plot’s enigma. Ayu take 10th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls.

11. Naru Kotoishi

Cute Anime Girls

Naru is a 6-7-year-old girl who appears in Barakamon, a Slice of Life anime series. The little rascal is brimming with energy and curiosity, and he has that irresistible “baby face.” She take 11th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls.

12. Aruru

Cute Anime Girls

Aruru, from the historical anime The One Being Sung, is a young, shy, and obstinate girl. She has a kind demeanour and is calmer than some of the other characters on the list. She take 12th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls.

13. Chinatsu Kuramoto

Cute Anime Girls

Chinatsu Kuramoto is the thirteenth member of the Kuramoto family. Chinatsu is an 8-year-old girl who is very intelligent for her age. Her cute demeanour is more realistic than other anime characters, and it’s enjoyable to witness her character grow throughout Flying Witch. After all, the anime is unpretentious and avoids the typical tropes found in most episodes. She take 13th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls.

14. Yui (SAO)

Cute Anime Girls

Yui is a cute anime girl cartoon character. Yui’s outstretched arms ask you to wrap your arms around her and safeguard her innocence. Yui could be an AI (artificial intelligence), but that doesn’t stop her from being cute. In Sword Art Online, she’s a standout!

15. Nene Sakura

Cute Anime Girls

Nene is frequently mistaken for a small child, despite the fact that she is actually 18–19 years old. Her childlike, adorable demeanour doesn’t help matters. She’s from New Game!, an anime series. Nene take 15th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls

16. Fubuki Class Destroyer

Cute Anime Girls

The Kantai Collection’s Fubuki is a tenacious class destroyer. Her squad of swift ladies are frequently inspired to excel and strive for greater heights by her. Fubuki and her senpai, Akagi, share a lot of cute moments in the anime. Kantai take 16th position in the list of Cute Anime Girl.

17. Uiharu Kazari

Cute Anime Girls

Uiharu Kazari is the seventeenth member of the Kazari family. The Railgun team would be different if Uiharu didn’t exist. She’s clever enough to figure out how to get into computer systems and does it with ease. Uiharu take 17th position in the list of Cute Anime Girls

18. Sumi Sakurasawa 

Cute Anime Girls

She is more than simply a cute face in Railgun because of her importance. Sumi Sakurasawa is one of the most well-known Japanese actresses. Rent A Girlfriend’s Sumi Sakurasawa is a supporting character. She only appears in one episode, but it is enough to create an impression.

We see her as bashful, too pure, but most importantly, ready to do her hardest to develop confidence in her profession in the episode devoted to her character.

19. Tuuli 

Cute Anime Girls

In the anime Ascendance Of A Bookworm, Tuuli is a supporting character and the elder sister. As the slightly older sister who is healthier than Myne (the protagonist), she is responsible, independent, and goes out of her way to lead by example. Because of her parents, she is more competent than the typical girl.

20. Latina

Cute Anime Girls

If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord is about Latina, the main character. Dale, another MC, adopts Latina when she is found in the wilderness without her parents. And the narrative is told from her point of view as a demon girl living in a human world. She is one of the most adorable characters we’ve seen in the previous ten years!


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