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15 Best Drinking Board Games To Play In 2022 – Techstation

What are the best drinking board games? With these adult drinking board games, you can have hilariously amusing get-togethers.

What can you do with friends or family on a rainy weekend when you’re trapped at home? We enjoy playing cards and drinking board games in our house, whether there are just two of us or we are entertaining.

We also enjoy shaking up a delicious cocktail or pouring a glass of bubbly. So why not mix our geeky interests with a few drinks? And, let’s face it, we prefer to level the playing field. We’ve all got that annoying buddy that we like but who constantly kicks our board game-loving buttocks.

Find some of the greatest drinking board games for adults below. Discover quizzes, card games, DIY games, and unique spins on games you may already own. Plus, who knew there were so many intoxicated board games pre-packaged specifically for this occasion? In addition, we’ll discuss a few more adult drinking games, such as beer pong and darts.

We promise that writing this piece dragged us down a tasty and entertaining rabbit hole that we never wanted to leave. Let’s get this party started! Remember that this adult drinking board games page is only for readers who are of legal drinking age in their country (21+ in the United States).

None of these drinking board games necessitates the drinking of alcohol. Many games were adapted to be drinking games. You may substitute juice, water, or soda.

25 Best Drinking Board Games to Play In 2022

1. Drunk Jenga

drinking board games

Players: Two to four players are recommended.

Beverage: Vodka, tequila, or a swig of gin or whiskey.

Who doesn’t enjoy Jenga, especially enormous Jenga?

We used to get a $100 gift card for becoming Employee of the Month when we were librarians. Guess what we got? Massive Jenga! Well, huge stacking blocks since “Jenga” is a registered brand.

So, what is adult Jenga besides the simplest drinking board game ever? Take out a permanent marker and start writing. Each block should have a secret drinking task that is disclosed when you remove it from the stack. “Give it a chance!” You may even build your own tower out of wood.

2. Drunken Tower

drinking board games

Two to four players are required.

Vodka or tequila, please.

If you don’t want to write on your children’s Jenga set, you may buy a pre-made drinking board, such as Drunken Tower. To give you a break, some of the blocks are blank.

3. Cards Against Humanity

drinking board games

Players: They claim four to eight people can play, but they say a lot more.

Bevie: a shot of your choice, a sip of wine, or a cocktail.

Cards Against Humanity is one of our favourite traditional card games that can easily be turned into drinking board games.

Cards Against Humanity is clearly a game for adults only. Find an endless supply of black comedy. Even if we’ve played it with our parents, you can find yourself blushing.

A player inserts a black card with fill-in-the-blanks on the table. Everyone else tries to match a white card with the most amusing and greatest response.

“Dude, don’t go in that restroom, there’s an [blank] in there,” one of the instances on the box says. People could write “gloryholes” or anything even worse… This game may be distressing to some.

So, how do you produce drinking board games like Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples? Don’t drink if your card completely falls flat!

4. Apples To Apples

drinking board games

Players: Four to eight individuals can happily play.

Bevie: a shot of your choice, a sip of wine, or a cocktail.

Apples to Apples is a similar premise to Cards Against Humanity, although it is less traumatic. Find a more PG-rated drinking board games that does not use blanks.

One player places a green card with a descriptive word on it on the table. Everyone else has five red cards with nouns on them. You must strive to come up with the best and most amusing combo. If your card is not chosen, drink up!

5. Drunk Twister

drinking board games

Twister requires a minimum of two players.

Bevie: A shot of vodka will suffice.

We’re not sure if you consider Twister to be a “board” game, but we do.

Twister is a game in which you spin a spinner and place your body parts on the correct coloured circle till you fall over. And you will collapse. This one is self-explanatory, but you may play Twister as normal, and whoever falls drinks. Of course, the real fun begins in Round 5… You might also customise your spinner…

6. Drunk Monopoly

drinking board games

There are eight tokens, one for each player.

Bevie: This is all up to you, but sophisticated Manhattans and Old Fashioneds sound fantastic. Did you know there’s a Monopoly board game called “Unicorn versus Llamas”?

Monopoly, we believe, is a profoundly twisted version of the American Dream. Why not spice it up a little? “Buy, sell, fantasise, and plot your way to riches,” says Hasbro. You roll the dice, move your player across the board, purchase property, and charge others ridiculous amounts of money.

How can you turn Monopoly into an adult drinking board game? Designate areas on the board as drinking triggers, such as “go to jail” or “if someone owns a hotel.”

7. Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

drinking board games

Because this is Tic Tac Toe, only two people can play at a time.

Bevie: Tequila or vodka would be fine. Bleh.

We had given shot glasses of Tic Tac Toe previously and had no regrets. S glass that is hot. Tic Tac Toe is primarily an adult drinking board game that you should only play once or more slowly. You may make your own rules on who drinks and who doesn’t if you both lose. To make the game last longer, pace yourself and limit yourself to one shot per match.

8. Drink-A-Palooza

drinking board games

Players: Two to twelve people can participate; teams can be formed.

While the game indicates that it is not designed for alcohol drinking, get out your undergraduate plastic glasses and make a cheap mixed drink like vodka and cranberry or OJ and vodka. The ultimate adult drinking board games is Drink-A-Palooza. Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, and Quarters are all included.

Ping-pong balls, a deck of cards, dice, and game components are included. You do not need to have your own ping-pong table. To fill their six-pack, players must explore the board and engage in mini-challenges.

9. Buzzed

drinking board games

Buzzed is intended for three to twenty players.

Grab a drink or a glass of wine, Bevie.

Buzzed is one of the most basic 21+ drinking board games. Draw one of the 180 cards and follow the instructions on the card. “If you drink milk with your meals, take a sip.”

10. Unstable Unicorns

drinking board games

Unstable Unicorns can be played by two to eight individuals.

Bevie: Your call.

“Construct a Unicorn Army.” Betray your pals. “Unicorns are suddenly your buddies.” Unstable Unicorns earned the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year. Is that even possible? Unstable Unicorns boasts drinking and stripping add-on rules for adult drinking games.

The objective is to acquire 7 unicorns in your stable while building and protecting it. Simultaneously, you must undermine your opponents.

11. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

drinking board games

This card game will get you drunk and is suitable for two to eight players.

Beverage: Beer, wine, or shots will suffice.

Try These Cards Will Get You Drunk if you’re looking for another adult drinking card game. Take turns drawing a card and doing what it says, just like Buzzed. “Everyone votes on who is the most indecisive,” for example. That individual selects a drinker. “

12. Sotally Tober Drinking Games for Adults

drinking board games

A minimum of four players is recommended.

Bevie: drink of your choice

Don’t overlook Sotally Tober. Draw one of the five-card types from the deck. Orange cards represent a task that must be completed. Green cards confer “special skills.”

Blue cards are designed to make you uncomfortable, while yellow cards highlight your latent abilities, and red cards include the entire group.

13. Drinking Dice

drinking board games

Players: Countless

Bevie: Do anything you want, just keep it light.

Grab some drinking dice if you’re searching for a simple adult drinking board game that’s low-cost and requires no instructions.

You may also combine these dice with other adult drinking board games or as a humorous Secret Santa present. Each package contains only two dice.

14. I’ve Never… Bar Cards

drinking board games

2-10 individuals are recommended as players.

Bevie: What is your favourite drink?

Then I’ve Never reviews are amusing, with some stating that this entertaining drinking board game is too filthy. Others are tired of the PG-13 rating. The internet…

Get your favourite beverage. answer cards with questions on them, as well as some truth and dare challenges.

After this one, you’ll undoubtedly get to know your friends better.

15. Do Or Drink

drinking board games

2+ players

Bevie: Your favourite beverage, but one that you can drink in large quantities.

Do or Drink has 350 brilliantly amusing and occasionally entirely inappropriate dare cards, making it ideal for gatherings. This adult drinking game is not for introverts.

There are several expansion packs available, and you will discover cards with tasks such as “Tell a joke.” You must drink twice if no one laughs or chuckles. “


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